He was born without ARMS and LEGS more than 150 years ago, but managed to earn millions and conceive 11 children!

People with disabilities live in a special world. Many of our usual joys are inaccessible to them, and ordinary actions turn into a real problem. Nowadays, many states are at least doing something for the socialization of people with disabilities, but a hundred years ago everything was completely different. They were left alone with their … Read more

The father fell unconscious, his three-year-old daughter ran out into the street…It saved his life.

Parents of children know how unpredictable these little fidgets can be. Their restlessness can drive anyone crazy. However, parents sometimes can’t even imagine how smart, quick-witted and hardy kids can be. Alessandra Tafoya is the name of a girl who was only 3 years old at the time when she managed to show, seemingly uncharacteristic … Read more