The child saw a huge dog on the street, but what he did was amazing

There is no denying that dogs are adorable pets. No wonder they are considered man’s best friends. Fortunately for us, the owners often find themselves next to the pets to capture funny and touching moments for us. The Californian couple Joshua Fisher and his wife Bee decided to adopt a couple of dogs so that they would keep their three little boys company – the elder Lenox, Cruz and the younger Tegan, they opted for a pair of heavyweights and took two Newfoundlands, who were given the nicknames Boz and Rafi.

They are very cute and affectionate, despite their huge size, and take great care of their 3 little owners. It is never boring in the Fisher house, and what kind of boredom can there be in a house where 3 children and 2 large quadrupeds live. Parents are happy that their children get along so well with pets and are completely inseparable from them. As I said, Boz and Rafi belong to the Newfoundled breed, and this implies not small sizes, each of them weighs about 60 kilograms.

These two quadrupeds are a source of constant joy, support and hugs for little Lenox, Cruz and Tegan. Cruz regularly plays baseball. He takes baseball classes at school very seriously, and is very worried about them. The whole family had to go to the next game to support the boy, but the dogs, of course, had no entrance there. Cruz felt strange, it was so unusual to be left without the support of his beloved dogs.

And when the family was about to leave, huge dogs rushed across the yard to the boy, but Cruz was not afraid because it was Rafi and Boz. One of the dogs decided to wish the boy good luck before the game and started licking his face, nuzzling his shoulder, expressing his support. Cruz was confused, but he really liked how his pets supported him and he himself began to put his face to Rafi for kisses. This video was shot in 2016, but judging by social networks, children are still having fun with their pets now.

This video called “Gigantic Newfoundland gives kisses for good luck” has gained more than 6 million views on YouTube and has gone viral. And many commentators wrote that there is nothing sweeter than a giant and kind dog! In 2019, the Fisher family sold their old house, and went on a trip to the USA in a mobile home. They wanted to visit all the states. “We just go where God leads us.

Our family has been enjoying this wild life full of love and joy all this year, during which we want to visit all 50 states.” Together with the family, Rafi’s faithful friends and Boz went on a trip. Although the family did not manage to travel for a whole year, since Joshua received a good job offer, a large family consisting of 5 people and 2 huge dogs visited 36 states in 8 months.

They began to talk about their journey on Instagram and now more than 200 thousand people have subscribed to them, but the calling card of their page is undoubtedly two huge, but cute dogs. Newfoundlands are very capable and intelligent dogs. These noble giants are one of the largest pets and get along well with people. But before you start such animals, you need to remember that they require attention to themselves and that in most cases there are no bad dogs, there are bad owners.

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