My husband has a young mistress. The wife kicked her husband out and found an elegant way to take revenge on her rival.

What will a woman do if she finds out about her husband’s infidelity and makes sure of the existence of a mistress? In such an unpleasant situation, deceived women act in different ways. But, you must agree, thoughts of taking revenge on the one who took away the spouse arise by themselves in almost everyone. This story is about how gracefully and humorously, well, or stupidly (here everyone decides for himself) English women know how to take revenge.

Karen Dinin and Terry Lovell have lived in a happy and harmonious marriage for a long 19 years, not even assuming that their joint happiness would ever collapse. But one day everything changed. Terry’s work obliged him to get to know many people, so 25-year-old Carol turned out to be in the circle of his official interests. Terry and Carroll spent more and more time together, and the nature of their relationship very quickly went beyond business.

At first, Karen was worried about her husband, because she thought that he had problems at work and because of them he had to disappear there so often and for a long time. Then she had some suspicions, but she tried to calm herself down in every possible way. But soon Karen Dinin had a rather serious reason for jealousy: in the pocket of Terry’s jacket she found two receipts received when buying the same perfume. But the thing is that her husband gave her one bottle!

Naturally, the shadows of doubt covered Karen more and more, and she watched her husband’s behavior more closely. Very soon, the woman’s suspicions that Terry Lovell was cheating on her were finally confirmed. Once Karen had access to Terry’s phone, and she did not miss the opportunity to check his correspondence. From what she read there, she was almost speechless: the messages exchanged between Terry and Carol finally confirmed that her husband was cheating on her.

Here is one of the messages of the young mistress: “Last night was wonderful! I still can’t believe we’re together! You are the best!”. After learning such details, Karen did not even listen to the excuses of her unfaithful husband. She just packed up all of Terry’s things and kicked him out of the house. The very next day, the woman filed for divorce, and then bought herself a pet – a tiny chihuahua, which, as she said, would be cleaner and truer.

And then she did a general cleaning in the house and, sorting through all the things, found her wedding dress. For all the 19 years that the couple lived together, Karen kept it as a pleasant memory of a significant event. Now she decided to throw out this outfit. But then the deceived woman came up with the idea of how to take revenge on the girl who broke up her family. The method of revenge was really beautiful and unconventional!

Karen took an old wedding dress to the house of a young rival, and left an envelope with a sarcastic note for her next to it. “Hey, Carol! I know you like worn things. So I thought you might like this old wedding dress. I wore it when I married your current boyfriend. Love, Karen.” Karen claims that she doesn’t miss her ex-husband at all.

The woman says that her marriage ended as soon as she read the treacherous correspondence. Karen does not intend to forgive Terry, she is ready to live a new life. And in this I want to completely agree with the deceived woman! After all, the departure of such a spouse may well be regarded not as a great loss and cause for mental suffering, but as a chance to realize all your dreams.

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