The family found a message to the future from 1975 under the wallpaper of the new house and found its author…

Is time travel a reality or is it still fiction? Perhaps both are present in life? Or maybe it all depends on the circumstances and from what point of view to look at a particular incident? This story took place in the UK, in the city of Accrington, located in the county of Lancashire.At the very beginning of 2021, the Murphy family moved into their newly acquired house, and in mid-summer began to repair it. Finally, the turn came to the children’s room.

And so, when Karl, the head of the family, began to clean the seine from old wallpaper, an inscription was found on one of them. A mysterious poem about time travel was hidden on the wall, only a couple of lines were written in sweeping letters: “I am here, you are there – we are separated only by time. How is life in the future? Or maybe I am the past? There is only one correct answer: You are my future, and I am your past. I wish you a very good day! Eileen Walmsley, 1975.”

Carl Murphy and his family members thought it would be good to find the author of this message from the past. Moreover, they still had some information about the person who wrote the poem – his first and last name. And besides, the last name written at the bottom of the message coincided with the last name of the previous owner of the house. Karl took a picture of the inscription on the wall and posted the photo on his Facebook page. The man was pleasantly surprised when soon a woman who knew the Walmsley family wrote to him.

She promised that she would try to find the creator of the text as soon as possible and contact her. After a short time, the author of the poem also contacted Carl Murphy. Eileen Palmer (nee Walmsley) wrote that she was very surprised to learn that they had discovered a poem that she had written as a teenager. It turns out that for 62-year-old Eileen Palmer, such a peculiar return to childhood brought real pleasure. “I was surprised and at the same time very glad when I found out that my poem was discovered.

I don’t remember very well how I wrote it, I was about 14-15 years old at the time. Then the renovation was supposed to begin in this room, and I thought – why not do something unusual? At that time, my favorite topic of thought was time travel, that’s what these rhyming lines turned out to be about – they somehow turned out by themselves then,” Eileen recalled. The woman also said that she settled in this house at the age of 4 with her brother, sister and parents who worked at a city school.

Eileen added that she left the house as soon as she turned 18, and then only came to visit her parents, Dorothy and Frances Walmsley. Eileen’s parents have lived in Accrington for over 60 years. In 2017, my dad died, and in 2018, my mother died. “It is difficult to describe the sadness that gripped me after the death of my parents. After that, it became incredibly difficult for me to visit the house where my childhood was spent. I lived in this house as a child, I grew up here, so many pleasant memories have always been associated with it!

The verse reminded me of what my mood was then, and what a romantic nature I was in that distant time. Now the poem has pushed me to think about how life is changing, how old generations are leaving and new ones are coming. This house will always be a part of my life. The poem preserved on the wall has caused me so many pleasant memories!” wrote Eileen. The elderly woman also added:

“The post I saw on Facebook brought me happy memories. I would like to see what repairs have been done in the house – for sure everything has become amazingly beautiful!”. Nostalgia, and sometimes a nagging longing for childhood, is an incredibly strong thing. It appears in adulthood and becomes stronger with each passing year. It is not surprising that such a seemingly insignificant reason became the cause of a whole stream of pleasant memories for Eileen.

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