She was considered abnormal, but she GAVE BIRTH at the age of 66! How the fate of a woman and her daughter turned out…

In our era, it has already become customary that women first try to build a career and only then think about procreation. But not every woman over the age of 40 will risk becoming a mom on her own. Adriana Iliescu, a resident of Romania, is considered unique in this regard. In 2005, at the age of 66, this woman became a mother for the first time! The path to motherhood for her was long and difficult. Adriana got married at the age of 20, but this marriage was not happy and after 4 years it broke up.

The spouse did not want to have children, and the woman performed an artificial termination of pregnancy. After the divorce, Adriana devoted herself completely to work. She worked as a teacher’s assistant, then taught Romanian literature at a university in Bucharest, and also constantly wrote and published books (she is the author of quite famous 25 books for children). In her entire life, she has never met a man with whom she would like to tie herself with official family ties.

At the same time, she really wanted to have children, but after having an abortion in her youth, she could no longer get pregnant. For 9 long years Adriana was treated for infertility and meekly followed all the doctors’ prescriptions. She was able to realize her cherished dream only at an advanced age, resorting to artificial insemination (IVF), which in the early 2000s in Romania only began to receive official recognition.

Because of her desire to become a mother, Adriana had to experience a huge psychological and emotional burden. Almost all relatives and friends condemned the woman, called her selfish and crazy. But, despite what her act looks like in the eyes of society, the woman did not change her decision. At the same time, Adriana was well aware that she was taking a huge risk, because she was already 65 years old! She also understood that because of the huge age difference with her unborn child, she was jeopardizing his future.

Therefore, Adriana signed a contract with Bogdan Marinescu, the doctor who performed IVF: in the event of her death, he will become Eliza’s official guardian until she comes of age. In addition, Adriana took care of the financial well-being of her unborn child: having made a successful career as a professor and writer, the woman was able to raise a fairly significant amount. Well, thanks to ECO, a miracle has happened! At the age of 65, Adriana Iliescu found out that she was pregnant with triplets. But only Eliza was born alive. It happened on January 16, 2005 in one of the maternity hospitals in Bucharest.

At that time, the woman was already 66. The girl was born prematurely, so she spent the first days of her life in intensive care – “just in case”, because everything was fine with her health. Now Adriana and Eliza live in the center of Bucharest, in an ordinary two-room apartment. Since the birth of the girl, her middle-aged mother has always taken care of her on her own. Adriana and Eliza never attracted attention on the streets, because everyone thought they were a grandmother and granddaughter.

Adriana has never regretted her decision to have a baby, she is incredibly happy and continues to enjoy life. “I have never been ill with anything serious and am now in good shape. I don’t like my reflection in the mirror, but I feel 30 years old, sometimes when I get tired – 40. I think I can still give a lot to Eliza and I really want to see her twentieth birthday,” says Adriana. She is very proud of her daughter! Eliza is beautiful, talented and smart. She is interested in exact sciences, often wins school Olympiads in mathematics.

She has a lot of friends with whom she loves to communicate. Among the girl’s other hobbies are video games and correspondence in social networks. By the way, Adriana Iliescu is the most media–oriented elderly mother on the planet. She has a large collection of photographs that allow you to trace how Eliza grew up. Adriana Iliescu is also known for the fact that in 2005 she got into the Guinness Book of Records: she set a new world record by becoming the first woman in the world to give birth at such an advanced age.

Adriana held the palm for only one year – she was deprived of the honorary title of the oldest mother in the world by a 67-year-old resident of Spain who gave birth to twins. To dare to give birth to a child at the age of 66 – such an act really deserves respect. And this is nothing compared to what is now considered fashionable among the stars: to have children after 40, and even with the help of a surrogate mother.

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