A policeman helped a boy celebrate his birthday after no one picks him up from school

Do you remember how the crocodile Gene sang “Unfortunately, birthday is only once a year”? Unfortunately, because this day becomes a real holiday for children – and after all, you want a holiday all the time, not once a year! But for the boy Tom from the American city of Green Bay in Wisconsin, his 8th birthday began as the biggest disappointment. He would have turned out like this if police officer Darryl Robinson hadn’t come to the rescue. But let’s talk about everything in order.

When Tom woke up, he immediately ran out of his room – he expected to see people who would congratulate him. But there was no one. Even Mom seemed to have forgotten about his birthday again. The boy was very upset, but since it was still only morning, he hoped that his mother would still remember about the holiday and find a way to please him. When they got to elementary school, Tom reminded his mom that it was his birthday today. But she didn’t seem upset at all that she’d forgotten about it.

Mom assured the boy that a big surprise awaits him – a party in a cafe, to which all his friends have already been invited! Then she gave him a bag of candy and told him to have a good time at school. Tom did not know that the party would not take place, and his mother would be to blame for this. The fact is that she had problems with the law: at the moment she was released on parole from arrest. The fact that his mother was behind bars several times was also hard for Tom because they did not have many relatives with whom he could stay during her absence.

When the last lesson ended, Tom ran out of the classroom to meet his friends as soon as possible. He asked them if they were going to his birthday party. But none of the friends knew about the birthday or the party. Tom wasn’t too surprised, because he believed that Mom would organize everything. He waited for his mother to come for him. It’s been 20 minutes since the end of lessons, and she still wasn’t there. Tom was the only child who was not taken away from school.

The teacher saw that Tom was all alone and approached him. The boy told her that his mother was supposed to pick him up, but she is still not there. Then the teacher called Tom’s mother to find out why she was late, but a policeman picked up the phone. Unfortunately, it was on this day that Tom’s mother violated the conditions of her parole and was taken into custody. The teacher was stunned and did not know how to tell the child the bad news.

Moreover, he told how much he was looking forward to the promised party! All she could do was look in her student’s file for information about a contact person to contact in emergency situations. But the teacher could not find a single person who would come for Tom, because his mother indicated only personal contact information in the dossier.

In the end, the teacher realized that she had no other choice but to call the police. When Officer Darryl Robinson arrived at the school, he immediately realized who Tom was, as he had dealt with his mother in the past. But when Tom saw Robinson, he was shocked! After all, today is his birthday, and he shouldn’t have any problems, shouldn’t he?! What did Officer Robinson do? As soon as he found out that it was Tom’s birthday, he immediately called his grandfather and asked for permission to take the boy on a trip.

Of course, Grandpa agreed. Tom happily ran to the police car, getting ready for the best adventure of his life. The boy felt over the moon with happiness, because he would be riding in a police car for the first time in his life. And besides, nothing like this had ever happened to any of his friends! Then Darryl Robinson talked about how the child perceived everything that was happening: “He was really very excited.

As he approached the patrol car, his smile spread all over his face… But the surprises for the birthday boy did not end there! When the officer heard from Tom that his mother had promised him a party in a cafe, he realized that he had to do something else. All Green Bay police officers are given a voucher to visit the local McDonalds, and Robinson still had one with him. So the officer and Tom went to McDonald’s. Tom was hungry, and he was eating a hamburger with incredible speed. But Darryl Robinson didn’t want the boy’s birthday to be limited to just that.

So they drove to the next destination – the police station. Officers on the move came up with a gift for the birthday boy: several stickers with tattoos and several Green Bay Packers cards. Despite the fact that the gifts were quite ordinary, Tom was very pleased with them. And soon it was time to take the child home to his grandfather. So the day that didn’t start too well for Tom turned into the most unforgettable birthday in his young life. And all thanks to Officer Darryl Robinson.

The police posted a photo of the officer, as well as details of the whole story, on the department’s Facebook page. Since then, many people have literally bombarded Robinson with requests that he give gifts from them to the boy. And the officer summed up the whole incident as follows: “I will be incredibly happy if this birthday somehow affects Tom and he wants to make a career in law enforcement. That would be really cool!”. Well, birthdays should be fun and memorable, especially in childhood.

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