These parents were praying for the girl, but they got something completely unexpected…

Pregnancy is a real miracle. Especially if it is a long-awaited pregnancy. Even before Angie and Gino got married, they talked about having at least two children: a boy and a girl. They even discussed what they would name their future children. Shortly after the wedding, Angie became pregnant and gave birth to a cute healthy boy. Less than two years later, she became pregnant again and gave birth to a second son. These two little children were the real pride and joy of their parents.

They were delighted with their family, and they really enjoyed being parents, but they lacked something: they never stopped dreaming about their daughter. And so the couple decided to try to have a third child. They would have been happy with both a boy and a girl, but since they didn’t have a daughter yet, they really wanted a girl. Finally, the pregnancy test turned out to be positive! Angie did a blood test to find out the sex of the baby, and it turned out that she was pregnant with a girl!

When Angie underwent a control ultrasound, the doctor noticed something strange: there was not one girl in the uterus – there were three of them! But there was something else unusual about this pregnancy. The doctor who did the ultrasound realized that the woman had two placentas. This means that Angie and Gino will become parents of triplets: a pair of identical twins and a third child who grew out of another egg. Angie and Gino didn’t do IVF, so the chance of conceiving triplets was very rare.

The chances of pregnancy with triplets at natural conception are only 1 in 4,000. And the chances that two of the children will be identical are even less. Angie and Gino were incredibly happy that God had heard their prayers and that they would become the parents of not one, but three little girls. At the same time, they understood that their lives would change dramatically, so they quickly started preparing. The couple found a babysitter, bought a minivan and turned to their relatives and friends for support.

They also both agreed with their employers on parental leave to be able to support each other when the children are born. However, Angie’s pregnancy did not go smoothly. Even at the earliest possible date, Dr. Daneshmand warned the couple that a triple pregnancy can take place with complications and that in any case it will be very different from the previous two pregnancies. When Angie was 26 weeks old, there were problems with fluid levels around the babies.

Dr. Daneshmand recommended that she spend the rest of her pregnancy in the hospital, under the supervision of doctors. Of course, the woman agreed to do everything in her power to ensure that the pregnancy did not end prematurely and that her children were born healthy. Therefore, even though she did not feel sick at all, Angie observed strict bed rest for weeks away from home and her family.

Gino visited his wife at the hospital every day and brought his sons with him. They had lunch together and spent time together. All the hospital staff knew how hard it was for Angie to be away from home, so they did everything possible to make her feel comfortable. Several times, health workers took her on an excursion to the neonatal intensive care unit. They said that her children might have to spend some time there in case of premature birth.

And although the intensive care unit is not the most interesting place, Angie was glad to learn that the medical team is ready for any surprises. The young woman really wanted to meet her newborn children, but she did not want to meet them before they were ready to meet the world. After all, the longer babies stay in the womb, the stronger they will be. Angie hoped that she would carry the children to 34 weeks, but the triplets had other plans. They decided to be born when the term was only 32 weeks.

Almost from the very beginning of this pregnancy, Angie knew that she would have a caesarean section. She discussed natural childbirth with her doctors, but for safety reasons, everyone agreed that the best option for both children and their mother would be a caesarean section. The medical team prepared Angie for surgery, and she had a caesarean section. All this time Gino was nearby and held his wife’s hand. After a while, their first daughter, Daniella, was born.

The second was her sister Anabella. Then – the third daughter, Camilla. The girls were born a few weeks prematurely and were incredibly tiny – the weight of each of them at the time of birth was less than 1.8 kg. Their lungs were not yet fully developed and they could not breathe on their own. These children needed urgent medical care, they had to be immediately placed in incubators and connected to an artificial respiration system. Angie really wanted to hug her children, but she understood that they needed to be in the intensive care unit.

Daniella, Anabella and Camilla were not left alone for a second. All the time they were in the intensive care unit, there was a nurse next to them. The girls were monitored around the clock, because their health was still at risk of many complications. Fortunately, within a few hours after giving birth, the babies were breathing on their own. As soon as Angie’s condition became stable, just a few hours after the operation, she was able to reunite with her three little girls.

The nurses took Angie to the intensive care unit, and Gino was next to her. The parents wanted to see the new charming members of their family as soon as possible. When the nurse handed Gino and Angie each a baby, they realized that all the difficulties they had to face during this pregnancy were not in vain. Gino and Angie held each of their daughters in turn, providing skin-to-skin contact, listening to their crying and experiencing a special moment of unity.

Newborns, especially premature babies, sometimes do not open their eyes immediately after birth. But as soon as Anabella was laid on her father’s chest, she looked at him with narrowed eyes. And when Gino spoke, she followed the movement of his lips with her eyes. “Look, she opens her eyes listening to me!” – Gino turned to his wife. Daniella, Anabella and Camilla spent only a few weeks in the intensive care unit. And then Angie and Gino took them home and finally were able to introduce them to their older brothers.

Everyone started living as a close-knit family of seven. Angie and Gino already knew that being parents is not easy, but being parents of five children is a completely different matter. This couple calls their life “funny chaos”, but they are full of enthusiasm and strength, they strive to raise happy, healthy and prosperous children. And although sometimes it can be difficult for them, they are always ready to help each other.

When the triplets have grown up, a house with five children seems quite normal to Angie and Gino. Angie gave birth to her daughters in 2011. Now, looking at them, no one would have guessed that they were born prematurely. They are healthy and strong, and they are getting stronger by the minute. Well, very often dreams come true not exactly the way I wanted, but in an even better way. The story of these happy parents fully confirms this.

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