A woman gave birth to a boy with long hair, and then learned the amazing truth associated with it…

Some children are born completely bald, others with barely noticeable fluff on their heads, and some have such luxurious hair from birth that you can’t even believe that it is real! In the UK, in a Brighton hospital, 32-year-old Chelsea Noon, who already had two sons, gave birth to another cute boy. Little Junior Cox-Noone quickly became famous all over the world, and the reason for such incredible popularity is very long and lush brown hair.

Chelsea is shocked by such a head of hair of her youngest son, because her other children – 4-year-old Preston and 6–year-old Mitchell – were not born with so much hair. She says that Junior’s hairstyle incredibly surprised the obstetrician who delivered her and all the nurses. According to her, the entire medical staff was amazed, because they had never, in all the time of their work, seen a newborn baby with such a huge amount of hair.

By the way, the obstetrician and the nurses said that soon the baby’s hair will fall out. After all, young children’s hair always falls out due to the fact that they lie on their backs and rub their heads on the bed. But, as Chelsea says, Junior hasn’t lost a single hair in two months, moreover, they continue to grow. The young mother also says that Junior’s hairstyle often confuses the people around him.

Due to the increased attention to the child, a trip to the supermarket instead of 30-40 minutes, as it was before, now lasts about two hours! And all because everyone who sees the boy can’t just walk by – people stop and want to touch his hair. The most interesting thing, as Chelsea says, is that Junior does not mind being touched at all, on the contrary, at such a moment a slight satisfied grin even appears on his face.

People often ask Chelsea if she is going to cut her son’s hair urgently, because his hair is already big. To which she replies: “Thanks to his unusual hairstyle, my son is truly unique. I won’t cut it, I’ll leave it as it is.” The woman also recalls that although she saw from the very first day how lush Junior’s hair was, she really appreciated it only after the first bath. And now she has to dry her son’s head with a hairdryer, because otherwise the hair dries for too long.

Chelsea comments on it this way: “If the kid doesn’t mind the hair dryer, then he doesn’t want to wear hats hiding his hair in any way! One has only to put on his hat or hat, he always tries to pull them off his head.” By the way, not so long ago Chelsea learned an amazing thing that many still considered a simple myth. It turns out that if a woman suffers from heartburn during pregnancy, then there is a high probability that she will have a baby with a lush mop of hair.

And this is no longer just a myth, this fact was confirmed in the course of research conducted in 2007 by scientists at Johns Hopkins University. This connection is explained by the high level of the hormone estrogen in a woman, which affects hair growth and at the same time causes heartburn. So, Chelsea remembers that during her pregnancy with Junior, she was always tormented by heartburn! Otherwise, as the young woman says, this pregnancy proceeded normally. And Chelsea has too unpleasant memories associated with childbirth:

“Junior’s head got stuck, so the medics had to help me. Then they weighed the baby and found out that he weighs 4.5 kg. Probably because of its large size, it got stuck. On top of everything else, I also lost a liter of blood. In general, the birth was difficult and quite traumatic, and I think I will not agree to give birth anymore – this is my last child.” For some reason, such a simple question does not cease to worry: if a baby has such an unreal head of hair when he is a little more than two months old, what will happen when he grows up – in a year or a couple of years?

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