The hunter did not sleep for a week, FIGHTING with the bear every night.

In life, quite often there are stories that are very similar to fictional ones. And all because it can be difficult to believe in the reality of what is happening. This story was written in the American newspaper “New York Times”, and its main character wished to remain anonymous and did not become known to journalists.

A man aged about 60 years old, living in the small town of Nome in Alaska, decided to go hunting on July 12 this year. He made such trips many times, and spent the night at the same time in a small hunting lodge located 40 kilometers from the city of Nome. This time, he also planned to stay in this hut for a while. But the pensioner had absolutely no idea that he would have to spend a whole week in a wild desert area!

As the man later told, he was wounded by a grizzly bear. And then this formidable predator returned to the hut every night to finish off the wounded man. The animal was even able to tear out the door, so the hunter had to climb onto the roof. Because of the bear’s attacks, the man could not sleep at night and was completely exhausted. He defended himself from a formidable predator by firing a pistol, but in the future he would not be able to do this either, because he had only 2 cartridges left.

The man even told how once a bear grabbed him and dragged him to the river, it was then that he was wounded, but with the help of a pistol he was able to fend off that attack. The pensioner was incredibly lucky, because he was found by coast guard officers. Moreover, they found it completely by accident: the helicopter was supposed to fly on a different route, but because of the clouds, it slightly changed the flight path. In general, it was only thanks to this that the wounded hunter remained alive.

“We noticed a man sitting on the roof of the hut and waving his hands, trying to attract our attention. “SOS” and “help” were written on the roof. It is obvious that the man was in trouble” When rescuers approached the hunter, he tried to get to his feet, but it was clear that he was doing it with the last of his strength. Coast Guard officers took the victim home.

The pensioner was exhausted, his body was covered with numerous bruises and abrasions, his leg was injured. Now he is undergoing rehabilitation and everything is fine with him. Well, the adventure is certainly creepy, but at the same time comical. But her participant was clearly not laughing, it’s good that everything ended that way, but a man is unlikely to want to wander around these places anymore.

I must say that no one is immune from such a meeting. Therefore, it is not superfluous to read the rules of behavior when meeting wild animals before going into the forest. And one last piece of advice: don’t go into the forest alone. It’s always more fun together – picking mushrooms, organizing a bonfire, and running away from a bear.

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