An Arab sheikh pretended to be poor in order to get to know his fiancee’s family, and that’s what happened.

very often rich people think that they are interesting to someone only because of money and therefore go to various tricks. This is exactly what our story today is about. Jafar is a young guy, the son of an Arab oil magnate who has always dreamed of meeting his true love. Therefore, when he met Atika, he decided to hide his origin, because the girl herself was from a poor family, and the guy was afraid that she would fall in love not with him, but with his money.

A modest girl immediately became interested in an attractive young man. When he told her that he had neither money nor a house in which they could live after the wedding, Jafar was amazed by the reaction of his bride and future father-in-law. But let’s talk about everything in order. Jafar’s father was born into a very conservative family in Saudi Arabia, his father was one of the richest sheikhs in the country and was known for his nobility and honesty. The man was a staunch follower of traditions, and although he was in love with his classmate, he preferred to hide his feelings.

He married a girl whose marriage was decided at the age of 3, when his parents decided to marry their son to the daughter of the same influential and rich man. The guy saw the future bride only 3 times in his life, but still agreed to commit himself. The man was very hardworking, over time he fell in love with his wife and their life became quite happy. The woman was also faithful to the traditions of the country, she never interfered in her husband’s affairs, but spent all her time taking care of the house and her husband.

The man forgot about his university girlfriend and focused only on life with his beloved wife. She was able to give him only one son – Jafar. The man was happy with the birth of his son, he was very pleased with him and said that one day he would inherit his entire fortune. The man was a very far-sighted man, in addition to his huge oil investments, he also built a large market where all his products were sold. He hired salesmen, but all the income went to him.

His wife sometimes visited this market, made sure that everything went well, although her husband did not really like it. He would have preferred her to stay at home and take care of their son Jafar. The boy grew up a very diligent student and received a European education, so he did not understand some of the traditions of his country. He even asked his father not to bind him to anyone with marriage and obligations, as he wanted to decide his own fate, and not follow someone else’s will. The father did not answer and later talked about it with his wife.

She just smiled and said that maybe their son was right and it would be better if he chose his own bride. Although the rest of the family insisted that Jafar be betrothed to some girl from their circle, the father did not let his son down and did not follow the lead of relatives. The boy grew up and went to study in Europe, where he managed to meet several girls, but they were all interested only in the young man’s money. Jafar tried to avoid self-serving girls, but how could it be understood.

Once he really liked an Italian woman with whom he had been dating for several months, she knew well who Jafar was, but the guy was sure that she had sincere feelings for him, he even rented her an apartment so that the girl moved from the old dorm to more comfortable conditions. But when he wanted to surprise her and came to the apartment with a bouquet of flowers, he found her with another young man, his heart was broken. Jafar didn’t know how to react to this, and just left there without listening to any explanations.

The girl tried to catch up with him, but to no avail. As soon as the guy graduated from university, he returned to his country to work with his father. Despite his young age, it was already clear that the future of Jafar and his children was fully secured. When the guy turned 25, his father started asking him when he was going to get married, but he replied that he was in no hurry. His mother was already tired of following her husband’s market, so Jafar told her that now he would be doing this business himself.

The next day he arrived at the place and immediately ran into a girl who was carrying fruit. The guy couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful stranger. It was Atika, the daughter of one of the sellers. The girl was very upset and rushed to apologize, but the guy told her not to worry. He helped her pick the fruit and paid for the crushed ones. The girl did not want to take the money at first, but she understood that otherwise she would have to pay for the missing fruit herself.

The guy pretended to be a market worker, a little later he reached the workplace of the girl’s father and said that the owner of the market had sent him to check something. It was then that Jafar met Atika again and exchanged contacts with her, after a couple of weeks the young people met. A few months later, Jafar started talking to the girl about marriage, but she told him that he should talk to her father.

The young man agreed to go ask for the girl’s hand in marriage from her parents, but at first he told her that he did not have money to buy a house for them because he had just started working for the owner of the market. Atika didn’t care that the groom was poor, but she wanted him to talk to her father and explain his situation to him. Jafar came to his future father-in-law and said he was crazy about his daughter, but he didn’t have enough money yet to buy a house where they could live together. Besides, he couldn’t promise her a luxurious life, but he promised her a happy life full of love.

The girl’s father surprised Jafar with his answer: “Don’t worry that you don’t have money. We are an ordinary hard–working family and we know that thanks to diligence and hard work, you can achieve everything. If you work hard and my daughter supports you, then very soon you will be able to buy your house and everything else. And before that, you can live under our modest roof, we will be very happy.” Jafar was very touched, he understood that these people do not care who he is, parents support Atika only because she loves him.

After taking a couple of seconds to realize all this, Jafar said that he could not lie anymore. He said that he was the son of a market owner and that he loved their daughter from the bottom of his heart. The girl’s father certainly did not approve of the deception. But he listened to the guy and added that now he will definitely have to live in their family to learn how to live modestly like them. When Atika found out the truth, she was very upset, but Jafar explained the motives of his action and the girl cooled down, after a couple of days their relationship improved.

Later, Jafar talked to his parents, introduced them to Atika and they allowed him to marry the girl. However, even after the wedding, the girl continued to work with her father, and the newlyweds lived in a modest house outside the city, since the most important thing for them was love, not money.

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