The couple adored their twin girls, but then the doctor said, “I’m sorry.”

Everything that happens to us, absolutely any situation, can be viewed from different points of view. What happened in the lives of our heroes today, they perceived as an opportunity to achieve something new, as a chance to accomplish another miracle. Matt and Jodie Parry are an ordinary married couple who tied the knot in 2007. Jody is a police officer, Matt works as a government employee.

In 2009, the couple had a charming son Finley, to whom they were incredibly happy. But soon the couple decided that they needed to expand the family even more, and in 2011, Jodi became pregnant again. The woman had anxieties and fears related to pregnancy, but her optimism about the future was supported by the idea that there would be another child in the family, another joy. A routine ultrasound examination showed the Parry couple that this pregnancy is different from the previous one.

The doctor reported wonderful news: the heartbeat was very clearly audible. This meant that everything was fine with the baby, and the pregnancy was proceeding perfectly. But this was not all the news, the doctor wanted to tell the couple something else. He reported that there was more than one heartbeat– two tiny hearts were beating in Jody’s stomach. Jody and Matt are going to have twins! In June 2011, the woman went into premature labor. Twins Isobel and Abigail were born prematurely (6 weeks prematurely) and underweight.

The babies were immediately placed in the neonatal unit to provide them with the necessary care they needed. Although it was morally difficult for the couple to leave their girls to doctors, they understood that it was better for the little ones. It had been 2 weeks since Isobel and Abigail were in the hospital when the doctors asked Jody and Matt to come. Arriving and seeing the gloomy expression on the doctor’s face, the couple thought fearfully: “When the children were placed in the neonatal unit, they were healthy. What has changed in a couple of weeks?”.

The first thing the doctor said was “Sorry.” The parents immediately realized that something was wrong with their babies. Then the doctor said that both girls suffer from Down syndrome. Jody and Matt were shocked. About how they took this news, the couple recalls: “At that moment, the world fell to pieces. Complete devastation has come.” Like many other people in a similar situation, these parents were scared and didn’t know what to do.

The birth of premature babies is associated with special difficulties, and what can we say about two children with Down syndrome! What will they do and how will they live on? After finishing the conversation with the doctor, the Parrys went to the newborn ward to visit their daughters. As soon as they saw the babies, they both realized what they would do. Their love for Isobel and Abigail was stronger than any other feelings, it was boundless and unconditional. These were their daughters, and they knew that everything would work out for them!

However, they also understood that the upcoming path would require much more knowledge than they have now. What is Down syndrome? This is an incurable genetic syndrome, and it occurs when a person carries additional genetic material in chromosome 21. The chances that a child will be born with this syndrome are 1:1000, and the chances that both twins will suffer from this syndrome are literally reduced to 1:1,000,000.

Down syndrome can be associated with many health problems: vision and hearing suffer, cardiac abnormalities occur, there may be problems with glands and hormones, there may be blood diseases. The difficulty was also that the Parrys could not know in advance what their beloved twins might discover. Therefore, they decided to conduct a series of tests. As it turned out, Isobel had a small hole in her heart, and Abigail was deaf. Both girls have an underdeveloped thyroid gland, which can lead to problems with sleep, weight and body temperature.

The Parrys realized that a rather difficult path was waiting for them. After all, raising twins will be even more difficult than they thought at first. One thing Matt and Jody knew for sure: to overcome all difficulties, they needed to keep a positive attitude. It is the positive attitude that makes these people so unique and inspiring. Despite all the problems and heartache they had to face, they loved their daughters and believed in their right to a normal life.

Finley, like his amazing parents, sees only the good in his younger sisters and loves them with all his heart. The boy understands that they need a little more attention than other children, and tries to help parents. On this occasion, Matt even says that the girls united the whole family and taught everyone to appreciate “here and now”. Jodi and Matt are really amazing people: they decided that they needed to share their positivity with other parents who have children with Down syndrome.

To do this, they created the Twincess Trust, a positive community that helps many families cope with the problems of Down syndrome. This charity has an incredibly positive slogan: “Look at the ups, not the downs.” This phrase makes you automatically think and concentrate on the good! This is what Jody and Matt always pay attention to: do not pay attention to the “minus”, always focus on what makes you happy!

Through the Twincess Trust, the Parrys hold marathons and other events where they simultaneously raise money, as well as help “open the mind and heart.” At such meetings, they show and tell what kinds of activities people with Down syndrome can do in order not to lose sight of a “normal” life. Parry explains it this way: “It used to be thought that there are many things that children with Down syndrome cannot do.

But in fact, they were never given the opportunity to even try!”. The activities of the Twincess Trust Fund have attracted the attention of many celebrities! So, such famous people as New Zealand cricketer Japheta Paleaesina and British actor Chris Chittel took part in charity marathons. One of the funniest campaigns in which the Twincess Trust Foundation participates annually is Down Syndrome International. What is it?

Every year on March 21 (World Down Syndrome Day) people are encouraged to wear socks of different colors and at the same time demonstrate it in every possible way. As life has shown, colorful socks encourage people to ask questions and start conversations, and this contributes to greater awareness. This is a fairly simple and inexpensive way that really helps to attract people. One of the main things that the Parry family stands for is overcoming stereotypes and misconceptions.

One day Jody said: “I would like to show Dr. Abigail and Isobel and ask him what he was apologizing for?”. For the Parry family, twins do not pose any problem, they are only a source of happiness. This is exactly what Parry wants to convey to other people: Down syndrome should not cause fear or depression, and even more so, pity. One of the bravest choices that Jodie and Matt made for their twin girls was the decision regarding their education.

While most parents sent their children with Down syndrome to a school for children with special needs, the Parrys did otherwise. They decided that their daughters would be able to live better if they were integrated with “ordinary” children. This decision turned out to be the right one, because every day spent in a regular school, the twins improve their speech and learn things that they would never have learned in a school for children with special needs.

The Parry family does not consider itself different from any other British family. Isobel and Abigail are just like any other girls their age. They go to school, play with their brother. And they are also two best friends, because these twins are united by an unconditional connection that helps them navigate different life situations.

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