The bus driver stopped to help the victim, but he was threatened by passengers.

Let’s touch on the topic of the moral side of modern society. This unpleasant event happened on a hot summer day in the civilized city of Stockholm. Suddenly, one man became ill on the street, he fell right on the road and seriously injured himself. Several nearby cars stopped, the drivers came out with first aid kits and began to bandage the victim’s head.

Seeing the wounded man, the driver of the passenger bus also stopped. Since first aid was already provided to the man, the driver began to call 112 and ask that an ambulance arrive at the scene as soon as possible. The police later wrote about this incident on their Facebook page. In this post, they spoke with approval about the actions of the bus driver.

But, as it turned out, while the driver was doing everything in his power to help the injured man, the passengers sitting on the bus were indignant and indignant at his behavior. They shouted at him not to pay attention to the injured person, but to urgently return to his workplace and continue moving. In their Facebook post , the police told about it this way:

“Unfortunately, not all people reacted positively to the fact that the bus driver stopped and talked on the phone, calling an ambulance to the injured man. Some passengers got angry because the bus was stuck in traffic. They shouted at the bus driver not to pay attention to the injured person, but to get behind the wheel and continue driving. They even threatened him that they would call and complain to the manager of the company that owned the bus!”.

About how the driver reacted to this, the police post says: “Fortunately, the bus driver remained calm. He confidently shouted back to the outraged passengers: “Life and health always come first! We need to call for medical help, and then we can go on!”. This Facebook post did not go unnoticed and caused a reaction from hundreds of people.

Readers spoke with approval about the bus driver and could not understand the passengers who threatened him and demanded to continue driving urgently. “I can hardly believe it’s true! That there were people who shouted because of the bus stop. But it’s great that there are people who help others. There are still Angels!” one person wrote. Another left such a comment: “I am so grateful that there are still people who try to help, even if they meet misunderstanding from others and even get paid for it!”.

“Thank you for the selfless efforts you are making! And those who only cared about the fact that they stopped for a while in traffic, I hope there will be food for thought. I want to believe that they will think about the moral side of their behavior,” wrote another reader. According to the police, despite the indignation of passengers on the bus, everything ended well.

The injured man received timely assistance, he is recovering. For some reason, I want to ask angry passengers: “People, what is happening to you? Who are you turning into? It is clear that you can hurry somewhere, but a person’s life is definitely more important than being late for work or somewhere else.

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