No one wanted to TAKE this cat from the shelter because of her strange, angry face.

Every pet deserves love and affection, especially pets that adorn our lives, but they do not always want to take them into the family because of their characteristics. This affectionate kitty has been waiting for new owners in the shelter for a whole year. Despite her friendly disposition and sweet manners, she “scared away” animal lovers who were looking for a new pet among the animals thrown out on the street or lost.

And all because of the constantly frowning face and huge bulging eyes, resembling either a comic book character and cartoons “for adults”, or a very real cat nicknamed Grumpy Cat – a fluffy “star” of the Internet. The little cat, who was found in an abandoned trailer, was given the name Bean by the shelter staff. She was covered with wounds and in addition seriously ill. But the pussy did not lose confidence in people and soon became a favorite of the shelter staff, who restored her health and were busy looking for new owners for a little “lost”.

Months passed, and the ad from the “lost and found” column was still hanging on the shelter’s website. Little Bean greeted every day with hope, as if patience was supposed to grant her a new family. Everything changed when Franziska, a kind woman with a sympathetic heart, found out about Bean’s fate. She believed that Bean was waiting for her and only her, and announced her intention to “adopt” the kitty.

But the staff of the shelter no longer believed that someone could be interested in an unlucky pussy with a non-standard appearance, and they questioned the potential “mom” for a long time until they were convinced of the seriousness of her intentions. The meeting of Bean and Francisca was a shock for both the kitty and her future mistress, who was moved to tears. “I was expecting to meet a huge cat, but I saw a miniature pussy with huge doe eyes,” says Franziska.

“She rubbed herself trustingly against my legs and behaved like a child of three or four years old who meets lost and found parents again.” Even the thought of parting with Bean for one night was unthinkable for the new hostess. She immediately announced her intention to take the cat home, and the pet followed her everywhere, as if she had known her all her short feline life. But the most amazing thing began when Franziska and Bean finally arrived home.

The kitty behaved as if she had returned to her rightful possessions. Without feeling the slightest shyness, she lay down on the sofa and fell asleep, and then began to “walk around” the apartment, still looking as if she had been away for only a few days and returned home again. In the evening, she jumped into the hostess’s bed and soon fell asleep to the “accompaniment” of her own cozy purring. It was obvious that the little Bean was completely happy. “For the first few days, she didn’t leave my side a single step, as if she was afraid that I was about to disappear,” says Francisca.

The kitty behaved like the most loyal of dogs, and even went to bed only at the same time as the owner. Over time, she calmed down and realized that “her man” would stay with her forever. “When I work at home, she lies down at the computer, leaving her favorite place,” says the hostess. “When I go to work, Bean looks at me from the window until I’m out of sight, She even follows me to the bathroom, as if she’s afraid I’ll drown.”

The little kitty behaves like a human child – she loves to play with a toy duck, watch TV, walk in the yard with her “mom” and invent endless pranks. The comically angry expression of the muzzle only adds to her charm. “She helps me get through the darkest days,” Francisca admits. Franziska still does not believe her happiness, she did not think that life with fluffy Bean would color her everyday life so much.

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