A little girl was just riding on the street when cool bikers drove up to her…

The victim of bullying of peers usually becomes a “white crow” – someone who is different from the rest and acts outside the box… Another. The other was 7-year-old Audrianna. She was interested in motorcycles and jeans, she loved riding a bike off-road and feeling the wind blowing her hair. She liked to spend time in nature, and not to do typical girly things. In general, she was a real tomboy. And this attracted the attention of her peers, who did not understand her and made her a target for bullying.

When the Punishers biker club found out that a little girl was being bullied at school because of her love of motorcycles, they decided to intervene. There is one significant nuance: this motorcycle club includes police officers, military personnel, firefighters and employees of the rapid response service. In fact, these are cool guys and girls with kind hearts who do not tolerate any bullying, especially over bike lovers. Since the members of the biker club are used to dedicating their lives to other people, it was no problem for them to help Audrianna in her confrontation with hooligans.

One evening, bikers drove up to Audriana’s house, she was riding along the footpath at that time. The girl was incredibly surprised that such cool guys came to her. And they didn’t just come to visit, but offered to give her a ride to school the next day – it was a cherished dream of a little girl! But that’s not all – they gave the first-grader a helmet and vest made especially for her by individual order! The next morning, a group of bikers drove up to the school on their snarling motorcycles, and stylish Audrianna jumped off one of the bikes.

To say that the bully classmates were shocked is to say nothing. For a while, all the students standing in the courtyard literally froze, incredibly amazed by what was happening – it took them a few minutes to recover. Of course, none of them expected this! The girl, seeing the reaction of classmates and other schoolchildren, realized that from that moment no one would dare to offend her anymore. After all, now everyone knows that the members of the motorcycle club are her best friends, and she is under their protection.

Well, you can only be happy for the girl. But, unfortunately, bullying of children and bullying by peers is one of the most common problems in almost all children’s groups. Statistics confirm that in Russia every 5th child regularly experiences bullying and intimidation in real life or on the Internet, and every 4th acts as an aggressor. Aggressors will always find who will be the victim.

The child is friendly to everyone, loves animals to the point of self–forgetfulness, talented and gifted – so not like everyone else, unusual, non-stereotypical, uncomfortable. And what is most regrettable is that the meanness is spreading, being modernized and gaining likes. Unfortunately, many people react only to strength and respect, or rather, fear, the one who is stronger.

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