She sheltered a dog in need, but his SCENT made her call the police.

“A dog is a man’s best friend” – who hasn’t heard this saying? Many different stories happen to these friends, and this is one of them. Despite the fact that Kelly Jean Benzel already had a dog named Brewer, she decided to get another one. At the same time, Kelly wanted to shelter the animal that needed a loving family. The woman was looking for a pet on Facebook and soon settled on a white pit bull named Rocco.

Kelly immediately offered to buy a pit bull to take him home as soon as possible. Rocco was sold for $50, but not by the owner himself, but by his concubine. Kelly wanted this dog so much that she didn’t even wait for the owner to talk to him. Kelly had only to see Rocco, and she immediately fell in love with him. Somehow, he turned out to be the cutest dog she had ever met. The woman put a new pet in her car and drove home.

Literally after a few minutes, she realized that something was wrong with the dog: an unbearable smell was coming from him. In general, a dog can smell bad for several reasons. Firstly, it may be due to non-compliance with hygiene rules – it is quite possible that Rocco was not washed. Secondly, the cause of the unpleasant smell may be natural bacteria that settle on the paws of animals. Maybe Kelly was too sensitive to the smell, but it alarmed her so much that she stopped the car.

The woman got out from behind the steering wheel and approached the pit bull. At first, she couldn’t figure out exactly where this terrible smell was coming from, but she still managed to find its source. Kelly found a huge wound on his chest about 15.5 cm in length and 2.5 cm in depth. The wound was completely hidden by the belt, so Kelly didn’t notice it right away. It was from this wound that the unpleasant smell emanated – it was probably heavily infected. Kelly realized that she needed to take her pet to the vet as soon as possible.

The vet examined Rocco carefully, then said: “Most likely, the dog has been wearing a harness since early childhood, and while he was growing up, the harness grew into his skin. Now the wound is infected, but as soon as the infection disappears, the dog needs to have surgery.” Then the veterinarian gave the pit bull painkillers and antibiotics, and added that he should recover quickly. Of course, Kelly was glad to hear that everything would end well. At the same time, she was incredibly angry because Rocco was injured.

She called the woman who sold her Rocco to find out who was to blame for what happened and how it happened. The dog owner’s roommate was caught off guard by these questions, so she panicked and tried to bribe Kelly, promising that the owner would pay all medical bills. But Kelly, realizing that Rocco had been abused, did not agree to this and called the police. When the police and Kelly contacted the former owner of the pit bull, he began to explain that he had no idea why the dog had a wound.

And he added that he didn’t even know she was there. He claimed that the harness was designed for Rocco’s safety, so that he would not run away. Fortunately, the court did not believe this man and his cohabitant and found them guilty of cruelty to animals, fined $ 1,500. Kelly was incredibly glad that justice had been done and that Rocco was no longer living with people who hurt him. The road to recovery was slow and painful for Rocco, and difficult and time-consuming for Kelly.

When it was possible to cope with the infection, the veterinarian performed an operation on the dog. It took two months for the pit bull’s chest wound to heal completely, and all this time Kelly regularly changed bandages and made sure that there was no re-infection. A year later, the pain that the dog and his mistress were experiencing finally passed. Although Rocco still has a scar on his chest, which will always remind Kelly that she must do everything possible to protect animals. Now the dog and his mistress are enjoying life together to the fullest.

Rocco is extremely happy and absolutely adores Kelly, he loved his mistress as much as she loved him from the first day. And Kelly absolutely cannot imagine herself without Rocco, and she says of him: “I have never felt such a strong connection and such devoted love from any living being, as I feel it from Rocco!”. Well, you can be happy for these two – the dog and his mistress. And as for the problem of animal cruelty, it remains extremely relevant all over the world.

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