For two years, doctors treated the patient for cancer. But it wasn’t a tumor hidden in her neck!

Almost every person throughout his life has had to seek help from a medical institution at least once. Did everyone get the help they needed? Adriana Caballero is a 22–year-old Spanish woman who was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system in 2019. In the same year, she underwent surgery at the Universitario del Henares Hospital. Adriana tells about how everything happened then: “First I underwent radiation therapy, then there was surgery and chemotherapy.

I still have some discomfort and unpleasant sensations, but I decided that this is how it should be.” The doctors sent Adriana to recover, but soon enough she felt unwell again. The girl was prescribed a number of tests, including CT diagnostics using X–rays. In one picture, doctors found a small formation and came to the conclusion that the patient is developing oncology again. Then the doctors decided that Adriana Caballero needed additional courses of chemotherapy.

Following the appointment of specialists, the girl underwent grueling treatment for almost two years after that. But since the tumor was not getting smaller, the doctors came to the conclusion that another operation should be performed. What did the surgeons find when they made an incision in the tumor area during the operation? They found a little sponge there! As it turned out, during the first surgical intervention, the doctors forgot to remove the medical sponge! During the two years that the sponge was in Adriana’s body, due to the absorbed liquid, it increased by several millimeters.

That’s how, due to a mistake by surgeons, Adriana Caballero spent 2 years of her life under the influence of chemotherapy. Now the young Spaniard plans to sue the doctors who made such a gross oversight. The girl explained her intention to sue the representatives of the clinic as follows: “I not only underwent a grueling and absolutely unnecessary treatment with its negative side effects, but I was also left without a job. In addition, I consider the actions of doctors not just carelessness and unprofessionalism, but a crime.

After all, it is not enough that such negligence was allowed – the fact is that the sponge is not marked in any report, as if it did not exist! Doctors simply cover up each other’s gross mistakes by abusing their official position!”. In addition, as Adriana says, the story that happened to her is not the first time that the doctors of the Universitario del Henares hospital made unpleasant mistakes.

The girl clarifies that the lack of professionalism of the doctors of this hospital led to the fact that two young people died: doctors failed to diagnose an aneurysm to one patient for a month, and the second lost a lot of blood during surgery. Adriana Caballero believes that doctors should be responsible. “I want the hospital to do a check,” the heroine of the story added. It turns out that it is not only in our country that doctors make unforgivable mistakes.

Unfortunately, for the incompetence and inattention of doctors, their patients often pay with their health. And if in the USA and Europe millions of compensations are paid to the injured patient or his relatives for an incorrect diagnosis or error during surgery, then this happens very, very rarely in our country. Of course, both in our country and in other countries, we still need to try to prove that the doctors made a mistake.

Therefore, it is always necessary to keep all records of diagnoses and prescriptions made by doctors, as well as test results and receipts for the purchase of medicines. I would like to add that in the post-Soviet space, a very large role in the negligence of doctors is played by the low level of salaries. Doctors, and any medical staff should not worry about how to feed their family. How can you save someone’s life when you have to survive yourself?

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