After the death of their daughter, the parents started cleaning… Pushing the mirror away, Dad couldn’t hold back his tears…

It is usually believed that wisdom comes over the years to those who have passed certain life tests. But it also happens that it happens earlier. Only it costs a person very much. Before Christmas, after her 12th birthday, British schoolgirl Athena Orchard from Leicester suddenly fainted. The frightened parents decided to examine their daughter.

Doctors made a disappointing diagnosis – osteosarcoma, or bone cancer. Only a year has passed and Athena has found peace in heaven. Unfortunately, the disease was too aggressive. The girl underwent severe treatment, surgery for 7.5 hours, chemotherapy and lost her hair. Her physical condition was terrible. But the child did not become sullen or angry. Athena continued to love her parents, 6 sisters and 3 brothers.

After her death, grief-stricken relatives discovered an unexpected surprise found in the girl’s room. The parents could not bring themselves to enter it for a long time, but decided that it was still necessary to clean up. When the father moved the mirror away, they could not hold back their tears. The entire back of the furniture was covered with her daughter’s handwriting. He could not finish reading everything at once, tears choked him. The man called his wife, and together they began to delve into the words of their daughter, written by a wise man beyond his years.

There were only 3,000 of them, these words that the girl who left them so early was thinking about. She left them to her family, apparently wanting them to be read after her death. Here are just some of her such adult thoughts: – Every day is special for a person. Perhaps tomorrow he will get a terminal illness and everything will change. Therefore, every day should be used to the maximum. – Life becomes bad if you make it like this. – Happiness depends on us. Maybe it’s not about happiness itself, but about striving for it? – Happiness is a direction, not a destination.

Be glad that you exist. – Be free, happy and forever young. – The purpose of life is to live with a purpose. The difference between the ordinary and the unusual is only in the particle “not”. – Everyone knows the name of the other, but not his story. You know what a person has done, but not what he has experienced. – Love is like glass. It’s beautiful, but it’s easy to break. – Love is rare. Life is strange. There is nothing eternal. People change. – If someone loves you, they won’t let you leave, no matter how difficult the situation is. – Never give up on your dreams.

No one knew what Athena was writing on the back of the mirror. Dad Dean with tears in his eyes says that his daughter was a very spiritual person and sometimes said things that he could not always understand. Here are some more of her notes: – I want to become a girl who makes a bad life good. For a person to say that his life changed after meeting me. – Love is not words about the power of love, but proofs by deeds. – Love is like a wind that cannot be seen, but can be felt.

-A loved one is not the one with whom you see your future, but the one without whom you do not see life. Everyone plays the game of life, but not everyone gets the prize of love. – Only I can judge myself. You don’t know the truth. I want to have fun and happiness without judgment. – People will evaluate, break or hate you. As much as you will remain strong, you will remain yourself! Now Athena’s legacy will be carefully preserved in the family. The girl’s mother, Caroline, said that they all felt the presence of their beloved Athena when they recognized her thoughts and feelings, which had been kept secret for a long time.

There were also boxes of songs of his own composition on the nightstand. The relatives were shocked by the strength of their little girl’s spirit. With her message, she made herself immortal not only for her family, but also for every person who shared her story with friends and acquaintances. When relatives leave for another reality, we always regret that we did not have time to tell them about our love or spent little time together. Let’s hear their words when they are next to us and expect support.

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