A second-hand employee found a lot of money in her clothes. She immediately calls the boss.

Second-hand is an incredibly popular phenomenon, and in many countries of the world. It is quite logical to reuse clothes, and not just throw them away if the outfit did not fit something. Almost every American city has Goodwill second-hand shops. These are incredible shops where you can find everything: old records and books, all kinds of clothes, dishes and even furniture. There are 6 Goodwill second-hand stores in Norman, Oklahoma. This amazing story happened in one of them.

Andrea Lessing has been working at the Goodwill store most recently, since February 2021. Her duties include checking all donated items and sorting them. As Andrea explains, before selling used items, you need to make sure that there are no stains, holes, breaks on them. This time the woman had to check a bunch of old jumpers. When it came to the two sweaters folded together, Andrea thought that books were wrapped in them.

It was quite a logical assumption, because not all people carefully pack their donations before sending. But in this case she was wrong, and the truth shocked her! Can you imagine the surprise of a Goodwill employee when she found envelopes with $100 bills in old things! The woman recalls this event as follows: “There were stacks of envelopes, and there were $ 100 bills in them.

A whole stack of 100-dollar bills totaling $42,000. My first thought was – it’s a fake.” For more than 80 years of the existence of the Goodwill brand in Oklahoma, this monetary find turned out to be the largest. Moreover, this find is not only the largest in Oklahoma – it has become the best find in Goodwill internationally! As Andrea Lessing admits, she had to think a little about how to deal with the money before making a final decision.

Of course, we are all ordinary people, and the idea of taking such a find for yourself can come to anyone. But Andrea was able to rise above such a desire. She told about it like this: “Naturally, the thought came to me that I had just found $42,000. And I thought that I could get this and that and something else for them. But I have a six-year-old daughter, whom I love very much. If I had kept this money for myself, would I then have the right to tell her that it is necessary to act according to conscience?

Besides, I know that it’s a risk that stealing money can turn into huge trouble – I believe in karma. I believe that any action comes back: if you do good, good will come back, bad will come back, bad will come back.” Along with the envelopes were documents with information allowing to find the owner of the money. As Frank Holland, Goodwill vice president, said, the fact that the owner was found is very unusual:

“Usually we have no way to find out who owns the money found in old things. Even if we wanted to return them, we couldn’t find out who their owner was. This case is an exception.” The story does not end with the fact that the man received his $42,000. The honesty shown by Andrea Lessing did not go unnoticed: the owner of the money thanked her by handing over $ 1,000. Naturally, the woman was incredibly pleased with such a reward!

As at the moment when she found the money, she thought about her six-year-old daughter: “Her birthday is coming, and I will be able to throw her an amazing party!”. But Andrea shared her other thoughts. “I was very surprised. After all, I did not return the money because I expected a reward. I didn’t expect anything in return.

I was just trying to do the right thing. As it turned out, Andrea Lessing was completely right when she talked about karma. Her kind act came back to her immediately! And what would you do if you were a second-hand employee? Would they have kept the find a secret and taken the money for themselves, or did they tell the authorities?

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