The guy lost his job but became a millionaire and the main destroyer of life hacks. The story of Habi Leim.

When quarantine and closure of workplaces began everywhere on our planet, people had to rebuild and learn to earn money in a new way. Haban Leim, a dark-skinned 21-year-old resident of Italy, recently thought whether he would have food in the near future, and now he is getting used to life in the status of a popular and very successful blogger of the planet. This guy is probably known to everyone who has accounts in social networks.

The popularity of Khaby Lame is growing every day, and the videos recorded by him can be easily found on the Internet. Leim already has more than 90 million followers on TikTok, and many experts say that his potential is quite enough to overthrow Charlie Damelio, the most famous blogger from America with its 120,000,000 subscribers, from the position of leader. Haban Leim is a real TikTok phenomenon, because in his videos he does almost nothing and does not say anything.

He just looks at other people’s videos with life hacks with an air of incredible condemnation and disappointment, and then voices his incredibly simple solution to the problem. So how did Haban Leim become the new star of TikTok? Haban Leim is originally from Senegal, when he was one year old, the family moved to Italy. Xabi spent his childhood in Turin, where he graduated from high school. The young man had no money for further education, so he got a job as a handyman at a factory near Turin.

There he worked until the coronavirus pandemic was declared and a strict quarantine was imposed, because of which the plant was closed. Like many other people, Haban lost his job. Sitting at home, the young man decided to try himself as a blogger and started an account on TikTok. The first humorous mini-videos turned out to be completely unsuccessful and did not attract anyone’s attention. But the guy did not despair and continued the experiments.

At the beginning of 2021, Leim made videos in which he showed his reaction to network life hacks. The videos turned out to be brief and succinct: with a condemning expression on his face, the young man looks through another “useful advice”, and then solves the problem with an incredibly easy and obvious method. The finale of the videos is always the same: Leim rolls his eyes and spreads his hands, as if asking the author of the life hack about why he complicates everything.

It turned out to be very easy to make such recordings, and due to the absence of text, they turned out to be understandable to native speakers of different languages. The real popularity of Haban Leim’s videos came in April. Subscribers began to distribute the content of the ticker, post entries in other social networks and discuss them on forums. There were several videos freely available on the Web, and interested viewers began to go to the blogger’s account and watch the rest of the content there.

Already in April, Leym’s channel had 10,000,000 followers, and by the beginning of May – 30 million. The blogger is well known in Europe, but the most active viewers of his videos are residents of the USA and Brazil. Leym has a lot of fans in Senegal – the citizens of this country are very proud of their countryman. Leim maintains his pages in Italian and English, and Tiktoker’s fans support his pages in German, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese.

About his own popularity, the young man says: “My silent reactions – look and facial expression – have become a global language that amuses people.” A popular blogger receives many offers about advertising from different brands, and he received the first offer from the creator of Barilla pasta. Xabi also takes part in collaborations – in May, he was present with the Italian national team at the Juventus stadium in Turin.

To realize his commercial potential with maximum force, Habi Leim is hindered by the fact that he does not have Italian citizenship. Despite the fact that the young man has been living in this country for 20 years, in fact he remains a citizen of Senegal. And yet Xabi believes that he is a real Italian. The blogger has already received invitations from the United States several times, but with a Senegalese passport it is incredibly difficult for him to get an American visa.

The young man is doing everything possible to become a citizen of a European state as soon as possible. Tiktoker does not despair and so far every day creates new videos and gains subscribers. He has already created an Instagram account, which is also becoming more and more popular. Although it takes a lot of work, but the young man likes such an occupation, and he does not even think about returning to the factory.

Moreover, it is thanks to the successful activity on the Internet that Haban has now come very close to realizing his cherished dream – to buy a comfortable home for his mother. Have you watched the videos of Habi Leim? The guy managed to come up with a format that is close to any network user who has ever watched a selection with useless life hacks, this most likely explains such popularity.

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