A man rescues a wild horse, after a few moments receives an incredible “thank you”

Horses are beautiful, majestic, noble and freedom–loving creatures. Most people fall in love with them once and for all, but there are also those who treat them differently. In some countries, such as Romania, the phenomenon of trapping wild horses is common. For hunters, setting special wire traps is quite a common practice.

And caught animals, in order to prevent them from escaping, are almost always bound with chains fore or hind legs. Unfortunately, very often this ends in injury or even leads to irreversible violations in the animal’s ability to move. However, this story is about a kind stranger who accidentally met a young wild horse chained in chains and saved her life.

The stranger was a local veterinarian, so he immediately realized that the animal needed to be released urgently before the damage became irreversible. The chains were twisted so tightly around her ankles that they had already begun to cut through the skin! A little more, and the blood circulation may stop, then the animal will lose the ability to walk. Carefully, so as not to frighten the horse, the man approached her.

He took out the wire cutters and set to work with the chains: carefully inserted the wire cutters and cut the links. The animal was breathing heavily, which was a bad sign – it was in pain. The stranger continued to work and soon cut all the chains on his front legs. And then he saw something else that caused the animal incredible pain. Although the chains were painful, but what was hidden under them turned out to be truly terrible. Under the chains, a tangle of sharp metal wires got stuck at the hoof.

Judging by the fact that this tangle was deep enough, he had been there for a long time. Wearing gloves, the veterinarian began to remove fragments of sharp wire. It was an unpleasant procedure for the horse, and she made an incomprehensible sound several times. But soon she froze and was already lying quietly, because the veterinarian completely eliminated the acute pain in her hoof. There was the same problem with the other front hoof, so the veterinarian began to carefully remove the broken wire from it.

The horse seemed calmer – for sure, she already knew what to expect and what the result would be. And so the man removed all the fragments of the wire and almost completely freed the animal – it remained only to cut off a few links of the chain. Everything was done: the veterinarian removed all the chains and wire from the horse’s legs, and then helped her to get back on her feet.

To see this beautiful wild animal get to its feet and go free was quite enough for a stranger. But what happened next surprised and even shocked him incredibly. He was obviously not ready for such gratitude from the horse: she bent down and quickly playfully kissed the man on the face! That’s how a man and a wild animal became real friends.

And then the horse sped off into the distance, and the man looked after her and was glad that he had done everything in his power. The way the horse thanked the man is certainly impressive. Hopefully, she will live the rest of her days without the pain and grief caused by hunters and their cruel traps.

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