The guy dropped 90 kilograms and almost regretted it. Now he is raising money for the operation…

Excess weight is a problem that many modern people face. Many of them manage to lose weight, but do they have to regret it? Josh Smith, a 26-year-old guy living in the UK, in the city of Whitchurch, lost more than half of his weight and regretted it. Why? Let’s take it in order, and you will understand. According to Josh, 12 years ago his weight was 76 kilograms, and he began to recover rapidly in 2009, when his beloved grandfather died.

The guy was terribly worried about the tragedy and could not come to terms with the loss of a loved one, and he simply ate up his stress. Almost every day he ordered a huge pizza and ate several packs of chips, and then washed it all down with two liters of Coca-Cola. This went on for several years in a row, the guy recovered quickly, and already in 2017 his weight reached 165 kilograms. It was Josh’s biggest weight in all the years of his life.

And this weight became the starting point on the way to an incredible transformation of this young man. In 2017, together with his friend Josh Smith went on vacation to Amsterdam. There, walking through the streets of this beautiful city, two Englishmen realized with horror that they were the fattest of all pedestrians. As Josh recalls, it was then, during the trip, that he decided to lose weight, and to lose weight even before returning home. Incredibly, Smith succeeded: while still in the Netherlands, he managed to lose almost 29 kilograms of his weight.

About this event, the guy responded like this: “I absolutely did not expect that I would be able to lose weight so much! But I was very inspired by the result!”. Returning to the UK, the young man decided to continue working on his appearance. He began to count calories and cut the calorie content of the consumed foods in half. It worked: the weight was rapidly decreasing, and in 4 years Josh got rid of another 90 kilograms.

The hero of this story tells about what happened next: “Right away, when I just started losing weight so rapidly, everything was fine with me. And then the numbers on the scales became my obsession – I began to constantly starve in order to become even slimmer.” Naturally, this did not lead to anything good: Josh’s well-being deteriorated significantly. According to the results of the examination, doctors diagnosed the young man with borderline anorexia.

Fortunately, the guy managed to cope with this disease. Now he has moved away from extreme diets and adheres to a normal balanced diet. It would seem that everything is fine. That’s just Josh regrets that he once began to lose weight! And now he can’t look at himself in the mirror. And this is how he explains it: “I look at my body, and it seems to me that it looks like a decrepit 70-year-old man. When I lie in bed, it seems to me that my body has “melted, I even somehow miss myself.

And I’m very complex because of a few kilograms of sagging skin, it’s hard for me to be on the beach – it’s hard because everyone is looking at me. I often think that maybe I lost weight for nothing.” As for sagging skin, it can only be removed surgically. In the UK, such an operation costs 26,500 pounds (approximately 2,600,000 rubles).

In order to stop regretting his weight loss forever, Josh Smith wants to have this operation and is now raising money for it. I would like to wish the young man a successful solution to his problem. After all, everyone wants their dreams to come true. And Josh’s dream of looking attractive well deserves to be fulfilled.

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