The video with the “laughing” stingray has collected a million views. People at the sight of this “smile” want to cry.

The video with the “laughing” stingray has collected a million views. But many people at the sight of this “smile” want to cry. Let’s figure out why? There are many videos featuring animals on the Web, and some of them gather a large audience and go to the tops. And how were these videos filmed, and what is behind them in reality? A ticktocker from the USA with the nickname Mafishguy has recently been in the spotlight of a lot of people.

As noted in the profile of Mafishguy, this person earns his living by fishing. During frequent trips to the open sea, he also shoots humorous videos, which he then puts on TikTok. One of the last posts published by the blogger went to the tops and in a few weeks gained over 118,000,000 views – this is an incredibly high figure for the platform.

A viral video shows a fisherman tickling a newly caught stingray. In response, the stingray shrinks like a child and opens his mouth, and then “smiles”. This “smile” won the hearts of many people, the audience for a long time did not cease to be touched by the “satisfied” face of the fish. But the author of the content received not only high statistics in TikTok, but also a lot of negative comments about his activities.

A lot of users of the social network accused Mafishguy of being cruel to living creatures. Judging by the comments, most viewers realized that there was nothing touching on the video. They assumed that the stingray was just suffocating and it was his death convulsions. Here’s how one of the users wrote about it: “This is incredibly cruel! And the stingray does not feel pleasure at all and does not smile.

It is very sad that for the sake of views and likes, animals are forced to endure such cruel treatment.” Another subscriber left this comment: “In fact, the stingray wants to tell you to return it to the water!”. Another viewer commented: “The stingray is suffocating, he is suffering and suffering from severe pain. And people write that it’s cute. So are these people?”. And one person just asked: “Why are you strangling him?”

The guesses of the ticktockers were confirmed by a professional expert who entered the chat. Indeed, the “smile” of the stingray is nothing but a death convulsion. The fish suffocates because it cannot breathe in the air. And it was the moment of death that the blogger Mafishguy captured on video, which later went viral. Here’s how Ben Williamson, one of the leaders of the World Society for the Protection of Animals, told about it: “The stingray, which we see in the video, is clearly suffocating.

In the scientific literature, it is quite accurately and clearly stated that stingrays, like all other fish, feel pain. In all fish, physiologically and anatomically, the pain system is practically no different from the pain system of mammals and birds. People are cruel. Some hurt intentionally, some through their stupidity – they just don’t think about what they are doing.

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