The dog came to the funeral of the owner. What began to happen later touched everyone…

Stories involving animals very often capture our hearts. Our younger brothers usually show such genuine emotions that it literally touches the soul. So is this story – it will not leave anyone indifferent. The story I’m going to tell you today happened in Turkey, in the town of Bursa. A dog named Caesar has lost his owner, 79–year-old Mehmet Ilkhan. Mehmet had been paralyzed for a long time, and the last days of his life he was in the city hospital.

All the time the man was under the supervision of doctors, Caesar missed him incredibly and even refused to eat. Ali, Mehmet’s son, says that his father and Caesar have always had a special bond. Ali claims that they perfectly felt each other’s mood, for this they did not need any words. When Mehmet Ilkhan’s body was brought home from the hospital, Caesar was constantly sitting next to him. The dog did not leave even once, not for a second – even after the death of the owner, he remained his most devoted friend.

And in the eyes of the unfortunate animal there was such incredible anguish and pain that every person who involuntarily noticed it sympathized with the four-legged creature. When the funeral ceremony began and the coffin with the body of the deceased was carried first to the mosque, and from there to the cemetery, the faithful dog led the procession. Caesar went first, followed by relatives, friends, acquaintances. Ali Ilkhan recalls what happened on the day of the funeral:

“Caesar didn’t let anyone near him even a step. Perhaps he was afraid that he would be taken away and not allowed to be near a dead friend. This continued until the father’s body was buried.” Ali also added: “Caesar is an incredibly noble animal, he has always been like that.” After the funeral, Ali took Caesar to his home. After all, how could a man abandon to the mercy of fate a poor dog who was so devoted to his father? Moreover, he also loves animals very much.

A week has passed since Mehmet Ilkhan’s funeral. It seemed that Caesar was already used to a new home and a new environment. But one thing surprised Ali: every day, from the very morning, the dog left the house and returned only a few hours later. The man couldn’t stand it and decided to check where his new ward was going, so one morning he followed him. What was Ali’s surprise when he learned the details of Caesar’s daily travels!

As it turned out, the orphaned animal was going to the cemetery, to the grave of its owner, where he sat for several hours in a row. This was confirmed even by the cemetery workers, telling Ali that they see this dog sitting next to his father’s grave every day. As it turned out, the faithful dog could not come to terms with the loss of his beloved master. Apparently, his heart will always belong to this deceased person. Even though Ali loves Caesar and takes care of him, the animal faithfully keeps its canine loyalty to a friend who has left this world.

By the way, this is not the only case when dogs remain faithful to their deceased owners. Rather, it is just another confirmation of how faithful these animals with noble hearts can be. Surely there are a lot of such touching stories of love and boundless devotion to his master.

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