He asked for a loan to buy a wheelchair, offering chickens as collateral. But they only laughed at him…

Sometimes life throws up unpleasant surprises and, it would seem, there is no way out. But on the way there are kind and sympathetic people who are always ready to help. Don Javier and Dona Carla were an elderly married couple who had been farming all their lives, which was common for their region. They were poor, and although in their youth they had a large plot of land, they lost it in the saddest way.

Javier’s father left him a legacy of fertile land on which corn and beans grew. The income received from the lands was enough to live with dignity and even save a little. But, unfortunately, they met a bad person on the way of life, who asked them to lease part of the land to him. The man offered such a good sum that the couple could not refuse.

For the first 6 months everything went great, the man paid the promised amount every month, until one day he offered an official contract so that everything was legal. The honest couple agreed, but since they trusted the man, they signed the document without reading it, it destroyed their lives. Taking advantage of the credulity of the poor villagers, the man, with the participation of a good lawyer, drew up a contract under which Don Javier ceded all his lands to him.

The next day after signing the document, the man kicked them out into the street, not allowing them to take even personal belongings. And as the couple did not try to prove later that they were victims of a fraudster, the police could not help them, and the court did not support their accusations. Unfortunately, the judge was bought by an arrogant businessman. Everyone in the village was very sympathetic to the poor spouses, and one of the large landowners called them to him and offered them a job on his plot with a decent salary.

In addition, he allowed the family to live in one of the houses on his territory. The couple were happy that they would not have to live on the street, because they were given a roof over their heads. Other neighbors collected their clothes and shoes. So the couple had to get used to their new life. They supported each other, comforted and cherished the hope that someday they would be able to get back what belonged to them before. Don Javier worked as a manager, so he had to get up at 6 in the morning to check how the others were working.

Thanks to his experience in agriculture, Javier was able to understand that this land is intended only for the cultivation of certain crops, which allowed to increase its fertility. This was very pleasing to the owner of the site, who fully trusted his new employee. At this time, Dona Carla was engaged in the kitchen. This work restored the couple’s life and hope for the best.

They were devoted and hardworking workers, so when the landowner became seriously ill and was preparing to pass away, he called them and handed them a document in which he signed them their house, part of the land and 20 black chickens. Don Javier continued to work, but Carla could no longer perform her duties, because she was tormented by severe pain in her joints, and she practically lost the ability to move independently. When Carla stopped walking due to severe arthritis, she became depressed.

Desperate Don Javier decided to go to the city to buy a wheelchair, but it turned out to be too expensive. The neighbors started collecting money to help him, but it wasn’t enough. A naive elderly man went to the bank to ask for a loan. The bank employee accepted him and asked what he had of the property for collateral. Don Carlos thought for a long time about what he could refuse, he understood that the story of the house and land would not pass a second time and did not even consider such an option, but suddenly he remembered that he had 20 chickens.

And he replied that he was ready to leave them as collateral, the bank employee laughed at him. “Are you crazy?” he asked the elderly man. And then defiantly and loudly began to say, “do you think banks work like farms and want to leave your chickens as collateral, do you think they are worth anything?” The audience divided into two halves, some laughed loudly at the old man, while others looked at this situation as a mockery of a young impudent banker over a poor old man.

Javier felt humiliated. He quickly went to the exit, but on the way one of the bank’s customers caught up with him and said he could lend him money. The old man was moved and even cried, saying that he was ready to give all his chickens as collateral, but the man replied that one was enough for him. Carla got her wheelchair, and Javier handed the rooster to a noble man who believed in him. By a whim of fate, the son of a man from the bank turned out to be a veterinarian.

When he saw the rooster, he was amazed. He told his father that this rooster was a very rare breed and was worth more than the loan amount. The noble man immediately went to the old man, and when he saw that he still had 19 such birds, he told him how much his property was worth on the market. It turned out to be a rare breed of decorative chickens Ayam chemani from Indonesia, its representatives were distinguished by an unusually black color, and the cost of such animals in the neighboring USA reached up to $ 2,500 apiece.

The man offered the old men to sell their birds, but they said they were too attached to them, because they had no children, and these chickens were their only companions. Don Javier continued to work and paid off the entire loan to a penny. When the man came to return the pledge rooster, Javier did not take it, but told the man to keep it for himself, since he was the only one who helped him in a difficult situation, not knowing how much these chickens could cost.

The man said he admired Javier’s honesty and modesty. The more kind people there are in the world, the better the world becomes. The good necessarily returns to those who did not stand aside and did not refuse to help.

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