A teenager comes to the hospital with a BOX, when the nurse opens it, she can’t believe her eyes!

Very often our lives are guided by people who find themselves next to us in a difficult situation, especially teenagers need such support. Ginny Joseph has been working as a newborn nurse at the Swedish-American Hospital in Rockford, Illinois for more than 20 years. Once she happened to become a participant in an amazing story. It happened on April 24, 2004, Ginny was just on duty in the emergency department.

When she went out into the hallway, she saw a teenager with a shoe box. The whole appearance of the guy spoke of his incredible excitement, his eyes were filled with tears. Ginny came up to him and asked him what he was doing here. In response, the teenager handed her a shoe box. Ginny was shocked when she looked inside the box. There was a newborn baby lying there, dressed in a doll’s jumpsuit and wrapped in a kitchen towel.

The nurse immediately took the baby to the department, and only three hours later the staff managed to stabilize his condition. All this time, the teenager was waiting in the hallway and crying. Ginny decided to find out from him all the details of what had happened. The guy said that this child is his son. And that he and his 15-year-old girlfriend, the baby’s mother, want to abandon him. Ginny explained that he could give up his parental rights at any moment, but when he did, no one would give him updated information about the child’s condition.

She suggested that the newly-made father take two parental bracelets and not rush to make a decision. The next day, the teenager came to the hospital with his girlfriend Cherish Coates – they decided to visit their son together. Cherish was clearly upset and stood with her head down. Seeing the condition of the young mother, Ginny tried to comfort her. The nurse put her hand on Cherish ‘s shoulder and said without a trace of condemnation in her voice: “You know you saved his life, right? You gave him a good chance, no need to panic.”

From that moment on, there was a special bond between Jeannie and Cherish. Cherish confided in the woman and told her story. She admitted that she hid her pregnancy from her family, because they wanted her to go to college. Her own mother gave birth to her at the age of 15, and her grandparents were engaged in upbringing. Cherish also told how her pregnancy and childbirth went. She managed to hide her stomach until the contractions began.

After returning home from school, she locked herself in her room and coped with childbirth alone. As soon as the baby was born, Cherish called her boyfriend. He went up the outside stairs to her room so as not to meet his grandparents. Young parents were in a panic, they understood that they could not cope with the upbringing of their child. So they decided to take him to the hospital. The newborn was dressed in a Winnie-the-Pooh jumpsuit, wrapped in a towel and put in a box.

There they also placed a touching note with the following content: “We love him, but we cannot bring him up. We want his name to be Allen Corey. We hope that he will be fine and that God will look after him.” The young father went on a long journey – almost 13 kilometers. It’s incredible that the child survived this trip. The boy was born 6 weeks prematurely. He got to the hospital dehydrated and in a supercooled state.

He also had an infection that an inexperienced mother brought in when cutting the umbilical cord with scissors. But this baby was doing something that premature babies rarely do – he was breathing on his own. Jenny persuaded Cherish to tell her relatives about everything that had happened. As Cherish recalls, this woman spoke to her not as a stupid teenager, but as an adult. And the girl decided to talk about everything with her mother – she decided that her mother would be more forgiving, because she had also been through this.

When Cherish brought her mother to the incubator, she immediately wanted to take her tiny grandson in her arms. And a couple of hours later, my grandmother came to the hospital. Cherish realized that her family loved and supported her, so she decided not to give up the child. A month later, little Allen was discharged from the hospital. Before leaving, Ginny asked Cherish not to drop out of school and get an education. The grandparents agreed to look after the child while she was at school.

But Cherish enrolled in an alternative school with a kindergarten, because she did not want to shift her responsibilities to her family. 12 years have passed, and all this time Cherish and Ginny have not kept in touch with each other. And in 2016, Cherish wrote to Ginny on Facebook and told her that she lives in Glendale, Arizona. At that time she was 28 years old and had three children. The eldest, Allen was already 1 meter 60 centimeters tall, he played football, ran cross-country and was a cadet at the Naval Academy.

Cherish herself went to Rock Valley College after graduating from high school and, after graduating, became a certified nurse’s assistant. She worked for 7 years in hospitals in Illinois and Arizona, and then entered law school. She was working as a clerk at the time and hoped to become a mental health lawyer after completing her studies. Cherish also said that Ginny inspired her to make such a choice. Here are her words about it: “I really want you to know what impression you made on me.”

Of course, the nurse admitted that her empathy had affected Cherish’s life. About her role in her fate, she said: “I am very pleased that my interaction turned out to be so important. It’s such an honor to be a part of someone’s story and someone’s life.” But she also added that in her place, any of her colleagues would have done so. It’s great when people have such a positive impact on others, give them a certain incentive. And, of course, it’s good that the child grew up with his mother, surrounded by love and care.

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