The dog woke up the woman by biting her ear, it saved the whole family…

Today, as many millennia ago, there is no more sensitive device than a dog’s ear and a more accurate sensor than a dog’s nose. But perhaps the most important qualities inherent in these animals are their intelligence and devotion to man. An 8–month-old Malaysian dog named Anandaveli lived in a family of five – 53–year-old Vimala, her 58-year-old husband Marimut and their three children. She was friendly and very funny, it seemed she could play for days. It all happened at dawn, around 5 a.m.

At this time, the whole family was asleep, only the puppy Anandaveli could not sleep. The baby struggled to wake up Vimala. At first, she gently and very gently pulled the woman’s hair, but to no avail. Then she began to gently nibble her mistress’s face and ear. Seeing that she did not react in any way, Anandaveli began to persistently pull her pajamas. Then Vimala talked about it like this:

“At first I thought the dog wanted to play, so I tried to just ignore her. Then I decided that maybe she was thirsty. I slept so well, and I really didn’t want to get up, so through a dream I told her to go to the kitchen and get herself some water. I was hoping that she would leave me alone and I could sleep on. But the dog became more insistent and when he began to pull my pajamas, I had to get up.”

After getting out of bed, Vimala was horrified: the middle of the house, where the family altar for prayers was set up, was completely on fire. Realizing that there was a fire in the house, the woman began to wake up her whole family. Fortunately, the dog woke up the owner in time, because even the slightest delay could have cost the life of at least one person – Marimut, who is walking badly due to a recent stroke. The youngest son helped the head of the family to get out of the burning house.

Everyone managed to evacuate in time, thanks to which they remained alive and relatively unharmed. That’s how a brave and intelligent Malaysian dog saved his owners from danger and, perhaps, even from death, warning them in time about the fire that had started. Probably due to her keen sense of smell, Anandaveli smelled smoke – this alarmed her, and she began to warn the family that something terrible was about to happen.

During the fire, the dog received several minor burns, and she was immediately given the necessary help. As Vimala says, she treated the baby and even fed her from a bottle, just like a helpless baby. Local politician Terence Naidu helps the family of the victims to get out of a difficult situation. He provided these people with food and financial support, and also helped to apply for temporary housing.

To cover the losses and raise funds for the restoration of the house, the politician organized a transparent campaign to raise money. The family of Vimala and Marimut promised that if more money is received than necessary, they will donate all the surplus for the animals to local shelters. The modern world is full of dangers and all kinds of unpleasant surprises.

It’s not just about protecting the house – we often hear about natural disasters, the disappearance of people, acts of terrorism. Most of us empathize with the victims, being at the same time at their TV screens, some connect at the next stages, when funds, things, products are collected for these people.

But before all this is needed, very often the victims have to be rescued from the rubble of collapsed buildings or find them in a dense forest or mountains. And then it is difficult to do without dogs – they are the first in this business. Is it possible after this story not to agree that a dog is really a person’s best friend? Who knows, maybe one day a dog will come to the rescue of one of us.

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