The girl took a she-wolf from the shelter, that’s what came of it…

As a rule, it is customary to have a cat, dog, guinea pig as a pet. But you can also find more exotic options. Incredibly rarely do people decide to take a predator into their home. The predator was taken by Alida Nasyrova, a well–known businesswoman in Ufa. This girl has always had an incredibly diverse field of activity: her confectionery has been flourishing for several years, she is engaged in jewelry, loves to paint pictures, not so long ago her hobby was Thai boxing.

Now Alida is raising Kira. Alida dreamed of a dog, but not quite an ordinary breed, but one that was bred by crossing with wolves. The girl found out that a hybrid of wolves and malamutes is being bred in one of the nurseries in Russia. At that time there were three she–wolves in the kennel, and only one of them had offspring – two boys and one girl. Of the whole litter, only the girl was born gray, and the boys were black. When this baby turned 28 days old, Alida took her to herself and named her Kira.

Kira is 75% wolf, because her mother is a purebred wolf, and her father is a descendant of a wolf and a malamute. So it is considered until a test was done to check the genetics. Although Alida is sure without any tests that her pupil’s wolf genes will be stronger. As Alida says, it is completely wrong to consider her pet a wild animal. After all, Kira was not born in the wild. Even her mother, the wolf Yesenia, lived in the kennel from the age of two weeks.

And Kira was born there, and she doesn’t even know what it’s like to be a wild animal. From the first hours of her life, there were always a lot of people nearby. Alida recalls that when she brought Kira home, she asked all her friends who have children and dogs to come visit her. Then friends appeared in her apartment literally in droves! All this was necessary for the healthy socialization of the little wolf, because wolves suffer from neophobia – they are afraid of everything new.

That is why Kira needed to meet a lot of new people from childhood. And now the wolf often has to walk in new locations so that she feels unusual smells, gets acquainted with someone else’s environment. Thanks to the efforts of her mistress, Kira is a fully domesticated wolf with a stable psyche. She will not harm anyone, because wolves are completely non-confrontational within their pack. Kira is very friendly to all her friends and acquaintances – she literally licks all the guests who come to the house.

And then he likes to beg from them, and from his mistress, goodies from the table. In fact, this wolf behaves like a dog: she is happy to meet her mistress, likes to curl up and sleep on the couch. Bogdan, Alida’s 7–year-old son, gets along well with Kira. In general, Kira, like many other animals, has a special attitude towards children, more careful: she will never approach a child if she feels that he is afraid. As for keeping a wolf, then, as Alida says, in some moments it is much easier than keeping dogs.

Wolves are smarter, and although it’s harder to raise them, it’s easier to coexist with him. In addition, wolves have some other advantages: they do not bark and have no smell. Alida claims that keeping a wolf is no more expensive than keeping a dog. That’s just the price of the animal itself is incredibly high. Alida speaks about the upbringing of her pet as follows: “I do not perceive the concept of “training”, I am raising Kira and building partnerships with her. Wolves don’t have the same psychology as dogs.

If the dog, when making a decision, is guided by a person and learns to follow commands, then the wolf is guided only by himself. Therefore, a completely different approach is needed to education: I need to properly socialize her so that she makes the right decisions. I talked to a dog handler who works on a very interesting principle – he tries to teach a person, not an animal.

It seems to me that this is a very good approach, and I adhere to it.” You can think a lot about why a successful girl took a she-wolf from a shelter and what goals she pursued at the same time. There is only one thing that can be said with certainty: she loves him and accepts him with all the difficulties of a wolf character.

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