The boss disguised herself as an intern to find out who was stealing. What she found out made her cry

It is important to pay attention to who is next to you. And not only to present surprises to your loved one, but also for the purpose of a real assessment of a person. The Totti family lived in one of the major cities of Italy for many years. Father and mother were engaged in the modeling business. Their fairly inexpensive and very pleasant-looking modern outfits were gladly scattered in stores in all nearby cities.

Lorenzo and Isabella hoped that while still a little daughter would follow in their footsteps. But Letitia never ceased to amaze them. At school, she was more interested in mathematics and physics. Although she had excellent grades in all subjects. Parents began to think that their daughter would most likely become a scientist. But in the senior class, the unexpected happened. She dreamed so much of distinguishing herself at the graduation party that one evening she brought her parents a beautifully drawn image – a model of amazing shoes that looked like beautiful fairy sandals.

The parents literally fell in love with the sketches and created a real model for their Letitia’s graduation day. The girl was a resounding success. In addition to excellent grades, she impressed everyone with her airy outfits and amazing shoes. There were so many admiring ratings from adults and classmates that Totti decided to release a whole series of shoes. It sold out surprisingly quickly in their stores. After school, the girl decided to study to be a fashion designer in France.

First of all, she was interested in the opportunity to make beautiful, durable and lightweight shoes. She went to enter the institute, the founder of which was a well-known fashion designer with a worldwide reputation. Given her knowledge and financial capabilities of her parents, everything turned out as well as possible. The girl did and enthusiastically told her parents about how many amazing ideas had already arisen in her head. She promised to bring their modeling business not only to the level of the country, but also to Europe.

For a year and a half everything was fine. And suddenly there was an unexpected call in Totti’s family. The Paris hospital called. They were told that their daughter was hit by a car. The hospital was professional and expensive. The girl has been accepted so far, but only because their employee brought her there and said that she was his girlfriend. For the first three days, everything was issued free of charge, as a family member of a hospital employee. But then you had to pay. Totti immediately flew to France.

They paid for their daughter’s treatment for a month in advance and said that if necessary, the head doctor could call them at any time of the day or night. Lorenzo and Isabella came to their daughter. She was still unconscious, but apparently the same guy was sitting next to her, thanks to whom their girl got to the hospital to good specialists. His parents were very grateful to him. Besides, it turned out that he was also Italian. When Letizia recovered more or less, her parents took her home. It was decided that the girl would go to study next year.

All this time they corresponded with Alessio. When he came to visit them, it turned out that the guy was studying to be a doctor, but could not pay for training and had to get a job in a hospital. He was on his way to work when he saw Letitia hit by a car and immediately took the girl to their professional clinic. Lorenzo immediately offered the guy financial assistance in training. He began to refuse. Then the father of the rescued girl said: “We will help you pay for your studies, and you will help Letizia start studying after her illness.

We can say that we will hire her a personal doctor.” Alessio was very pleased with this opinion about his professional knowledge and he agreed. Together they came to France, where the guy and the girl tried to settle as close to each other as possible. Young people spent a lot of time together. Letitia felt that she was falling in love with the gentle young man more and more. He honestly said that he has a girlfriend. Friendly relations continued until graduation.

After that, the guy stayed in France, and Letizia went to her native country. She fit in perfectly with her parents’ business team. Despite her youth, she was listened to and respected not only as the daughter of business owners, but also as a specialist. Things were going great. Parents were waiting for the girl to choose her betrothed to retire. But for some reason she was still hesitating. And then one day Letizia was at work, and from the security point on the first floor she was informed that a young man named Alessio was asking for her.

She shuddered and her heart beat twice as fast. Is it really him?! Yes, it was her secretly beloved doctor who once saved her life. Alessio was with a huge bouquet of flowers. He put them on the table and began to kiss Letitia tenderly. She was pleased, but the girl was surprised. Alessio admitted that all this time he thought only about her and could not stay with his girlfriend anymore. After just a few weeks of romantic relationships, one day in a cafe, a guy took out a box and handed it to a girl.

There was a ring. It turned out to be a marriage proposal. Letizia answered “yes” without hesitation. After the wedding, the parents handed over the business to their daughter, and they themselves went to travel the world. Alessio, to Letizia’s delight, became interested in modeling. Things were getting better and better. One day they applied for a competition to develop a uniform school uniform and shoes. It was conducted by the government of the country.

If they won, they would be provided with orders for many years. After submitting the application at a friendly party, the young company had fun from the heart. When everyone was pretty tipsy, one of Letizia’s friends said loudly across the table to her husband: “And you’re lucky, Alessio. A young man from an ordinary family pulled a golden carrot – a wife from a family of millionaires. Appreciate it!” The man flashed his eyes, but smiled and hugged Letitia: “Yes, of course I appreciate it!”. She immediately shouted at her friend to shut up and began to comfort her husband.

“It’s okay,” he smiled. There was a terrible misunderstanding with the contest. Their application was returned because competitors offered exactly the same sketch of clothes. Besides, we did it a few hours earlier. They also received a decent fine for stealing the model. From that moment on, everything rolled like a snowball. As soon as they applied for any competition, the competitors turned out to have the same model. They only imagined it before.

Letizia realized that there was a “mole” in their company who was stealing business, “merging” all significant models to competitors. And it should be sought among the inner circle. To figure out the traitor, the owner of the business officially went on a business trip to another country for 2 weeks. At the firm, she warned everyone that during her departure, an intern would come to work who would later be her assistant. She told her husband that this was her distant relative and she wanted to help the girl gain a foothold in business.

From the next day, she changed her wardrobe, inserted colored lenses, put on a wig, made up with a professional makeup artist, whose goal was to change her appearance as much as possible and came to work under a different name. The longer her work went on, the more she wanted to cry. She saw the work of her company from the inside and found out who was interested in new products in the first place, after another check, she realized who was the mole.

Her own husband turned out to be a traitor, actively “merging” all the more or less significant models to competitors. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Sneaking into her office, she called everyone to a meeting. People who came into the office were surprised to see a new girl in the director’s place. When Alessio entered, he indignantly asked her to move to another seat. In response to this, she took off the items of “disguise” in front of everyone. After that, she exposed her husband in front of everyone and immediately called the police.

Before he was taken away by the servants of the law, she asked what he was missing in their life? Why did he become a traitor? – I loved you. But I couldn’t stand it when I was often told that you come from a rich family, and I’m an ordinary Italian. I wanted you to feel in my “skin”. But now, it didn’t work out. – I loved you too. And I won’t let you go to jail. But you will reimburse the company for the losses.

There should be a punishment for meanness. After that, Alessio was taken away. Letitia cried for a long time. Then she wiped her tears and decided that this was not the end of life at all, but on the contrary, only the beginning of it. If something unexpected happens in life – unpleasant – it is necessary to understand the situation and draw important conclusions.

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