This dog visits the woman’s house every day and falls asleep, then she discovers a note on his collar

Recently, this amazing story has spread across the Internet. Who knows if it’s true or fiction, but the story is so funny and touching that it’s impossible not to share it. Her characters are an elderly single woman living in a private house with a garden, and a dog – a beautiful golden retriever. On one of the warm spring days, a woman was working in the garden – cleaning flower beds, planting flowers. Suddenly she saw a cute golden retriever wander into the yard.

The dog was well–groomed, clean – by the coat, well-fed belly, and in general by the appearance it was clear that he was very well taken care of and that he was not homeless. The dog came up to the woman and wagged his tail affably, and she stroked him behind the ear and lightly patted him on the back. When the woman went into the house, the dog followed her. The woman let the retriever in without hesitation, and then he slowly walked down the corridor, curled up in the far corner and fell asleep!

After sleeping for a couple of hours, the dog got up and went to the door, showing with all his appearance that he was released. The hostess of the house opened the door, the dog came out and slowly went somewhere. The woman understood only one thing: this is not a homeless animal that is looking for a new home, he needs something else. This story was repeated for several weeks in a row. Day after day, a golden retriever appeared near the house where the heroine of our story lived.

He greeted her politely, wagging his tail, then quietly took his usual place in the corridor, curled up and fell asleep. And after a few hours of rest, he slowly left again. Where did this golden retriever come from? Why does he come only for a couple of hours, and not stay forever? Why doesn’t he want to play and chat? Where does it go and who is its owner? All these questions began to occupy the lonely woman so much that she decided to find answers to them.

When once again the dog came to the woman’s house and lay down to rest, she attached a note to his collar with the following text: “This incredibly cute dog has been coming to my house every day for several weeks in a row to sleep. I really want to know who the owner of this dog is. And I wonder if you are aware of what is happening, and if so, perhaps you have an explanation for what is happening?”. With curiosity, the woman began to wait for answers to her questions.

The very next day, when the golden retriever came to her for a nap again, she found a reply note attached to his collar. It said the following: “This dog lives in a house where besides him there are six children, and two of them are under three years old. Poor guy, he’s just trying to catch up and sleep it off. Can I come with him tomorrow? This explanation made the woman laugh. Of course, she will not object to the fact that the handsome retriever continues to visit her.

After all, they have already become good friends. Besides, she understood perfectly well what it means to live in a large family, where there are also small children. Incredibly, what have we humans done to deserve the love of our dogs? These wonderful animals with amazingly kind hearts always greet us joyfully, they are truly devoted to us.

And even if life is hard for them, they will not betray and will not leave – well, unless they go to visit for a while to relax and gain strength. This story is another confirmation of how faithful and smart dogs can be. And this is another explanation why dogs are man’s best friends!

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