The daughter does not wake up after sleeping, then the mother realizes that something is wrong and calls an ambulance

The worst nightmare for any parent is when something terrible happens to a child. And this is one of the reasons why parents take care of their children. But, unfortunately, adults can not predict all the dangers that lie in wait for their children. That is why Jennifer Abma, the mother of little Anastasia, decided to share her story on her Facebook page,. The woman told about her experience in order to warn all parents, and so that no more children would suffer.

See to the end. Unfortunately, problems arise from year to year due to the fact that people leave their pets and small children in cars warmed up under the sun. And although most people are aware of the risks, there are still cases when children and animals left in hot cars suffer or even die from heat stroke. But hot cars are far from the only place where you can get heatstroke.

And even being in the sun is not necessary for this. Jennifer Abma became a witness to this after the terrible story that happened to her little daughter Anastasia. And now about everything that happened in order. This story happened on an ordinary summer day, however, too hot. Jennifer thought it would be a completely normal, unremarkable day, but it brought a terrible tragedy. After all, could there be anything scarier if you can’t wake up the child?

As it always happened, at lunchtime Anastasia went to sleep. Seeing that her daughter was sleeping much longer than usual, Jennifer went to wake her up. But no matter how hard the woman tried, she could not do it. When 15 minutes had passed in unsuccessful attempts, the desperate and very frightened mother called the doctors. Later, after all this story, Jennifer wrote the following on Facebook:

“I didn’t know it was so hot in Anastasia’s room until I went to wake her up. I looked at my daughter and was horrified: she was covered in sweat and her face was very red. I started to wake her up, but I couldn’t do anything. I woke her up for a long 15 minutes, and then I had a real panic and called an ambulance. It was the most terrible day of my life, I could not even imagine such a thing.” According to Jennifer, the medical staff arrived even faster than she expected.

But the ambulance crew couldn’t figure out what was going on, so they called additional staff. When the doctors did the tests, it turned out that the girl’s blood sugar level was 1.2, whereas the normal indicator should be slightly higher than 4. The doctors gave Anastasia a glucose injection, after a couple of minutes the girl woke up and, seeing so many strangers, was scared and cried. Fortunately, everything ended well with little Anastasia.

And Jennifer left this confession on her Facebook page: “If you look objectively, then I’m not to blame for what happened. And yet I can’t help but blame myself. This is a cruel but very important lesson for me. I’m still in a state of shock after what happened, and I’m afraid to imagine what might have happened if I had gone to my daughter’s room later. Fortunately, God was on our side yesterday. And I am also very grateful to the ambulance staff for coming so quickly and doing everything to save my little girl.”

The woman also expressed the hope that everything that happened would be a lesson not only for her, but also for other parents. She added that the heat in the house can be no less dangerous than a hot car, and therefore it is very important to monitor the temperature in the premises. Yes, the topic is really relevant, especially now, when it’s summer in many countries and it’s terribly hot. This story is an additional reminder that you need to carefully avoid overheating.

And it’s great that Jennifer shared her story on Facebook and brought this issue to the attention of other parents. After all, it is very important, noticing that something strange is happening to a child, however, as with an adult, to start acting quickly and provide the necessary assistance in a timely manner. So what are the symptoms accompanied by heat stroke?

The list is quite long: fever, dry skin or increased sweating; severe redness of the skin; rapid pulse and heartbeat; heavy breathing; nausea and vomiting; headache; fainting (in elderly people this is the first sign); confusion, excitement, difficulty with speech. Suspecting someone has heat or sunstroke, it is necessary to provide medical assistance to this person without delay.

What should be done in this case? The procedure is as follows: The injured person should be moved to the shade or to a cool room and put it there so that the head is slightly raised. It is necessary to remove all excess clothing from the victim, if there is a belt, then loosen it. We need to try to cool this person as much as possible. The body can be wiped with cool water. Then you can wrap a person in a damp sheet. If the victim is conscious, you need to give him a drink of cool water.

If a person is unconscious, you need to give him a sniff of ammonia, then turn him on his side. Be sure to call an ambulance to the victim. In case of severe heat or sunstroke, medical care is necessary, since doctors will be able to prevent a possible heart attack, stroke and other serious consequences of overheating in this case. But since it is difficult to understand from the symptoms how severe the condition of the victim is, it is better to call an ambulance in any case.

If, for some reason, it is impossible to get through to medical workers, it is necessary to take the victim to the hospital. There is another important point that cannot be overlooked. In order for the long-awaited summer days to bring only joy and good mood, you need to adhere to at least some preventive measures: on hot days, go outside in a headdress; it is better to choose light clothes made of natural, breathable fabric; direct sunlight should be avoided;

at night, the rooms need to be ventilated the ideal solution for stuffy rooms is to install an air conditioner, or at least turn on a fan; in the heat you need to drink a lot of still water, cool green tea is also suitable; from food it is worth giving preference to vegetables and fruits, cool soups, while the use of fatty, heavy foods (including and ice cream) should be limited.

By the way, these fairly simple precautions will help prevent not only heat and sunstrokes. They will also help to avoid other fairly common summer problems, such as dehydration and food poisoning. Well, it turned out not just a story, but also a voluminous list of useful recommendations for the summer. Take care of your health, take care of your children, as well as yourself and each other! And then at any time of the year you will save yourself from any problems.

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