A poor couple adopted an orphan, not afraid of difficulties, and he got rich and amazed everyone with his actions.

Parents always try to give their children the best, of course in their understanding of what is “the best”. And then, as adults, do children act? Filipinos Nanai and Tatai were married for a long time, but they never had children. They lived in poverty, but were not afraid of difficulties and adopted a little boy. The couple named the adopted child Javie Lazaro Badile II. Although there was no wealth in the family, the parents tried not to deny their son anything.

They raised him, surrounded by care and love, but at the same time they raised him honest and purposeful. Javie was always aware of how much his parents were doing for him. Even as a child, he promised himself that growing up, he would provide these people with a carefree life. Javi’s desire to make Nanai and Tatai happy became an excellent motivation for him to build a successful career. After all, he understood perfectly well that only with a large and stable income, he would be able to take care of them adequately.

Therefore, Jave studied very hard, and his parents tried their best to give him such an opportunity. The older Javie got, the higher he climbed the career ladder. Now he holds the position of head of a branch of one of the largest financial companies in the Philippines and, of course, his work is well paid. Despite his busy schedule, Javi Lazaro Badile II always remembered his parents and helped them as much as he could.

And recently he gave them an amazing gift, which he told about on his Facebook page. Of course, the young man did not just brag about the gift he had made. He shared with subscribers a story about how a married couple adopted him, which practically saved him, if not from death, then a poor existence for sure. He said that these people paved the way for him to success and happiness, although their own life was incredibly difficult.

Javi described his past (his own and his parents’) in this way: “When Nanai and Tatai took me in, it was incredibly difficult for them. They worked very hard and hard, mom as a salesman, dad as a loader. We were huddled in an old house that could serve as a visual illustration of poverty. The rooms were tiny, and there was no bathroom at all. My father slept on a mattress that was lying on the floor in the hallway, he could only dream of a separate room.

My dad was a talented craftsman, he made all the furniture for the house himself, but it didn’t add much comfort. Plus, the house was located in the most dysfunctional and dirty area of the city – the air in the neighborhood was always saturated with unpleasant odors.” And then the young man continued the story: “But these people took care of me day after day and with all their might, were incredibly loving and kind. They not only fed, clothed and shoed me, they brought me up and gave me a good education.

They have become my own family – I have no one closer to them! Now that I have the opportunity, I want to thank them for everything they have done for me. And I will make sure that they can fulfill all their dreams!”. So what kind of gift did Nanai and Tatai give to Javi? He bought a dream mansion for them! The new housing looks luxurious in itself, but if you compare it with the shack in which the parents lived before, it’s hard to imagine what impression they were under.

The new three-storey mansion has seven bedrooms, four toilets, four bathrooms. But most of all, an elderly man and a woman like a chandelier, they can’t get enough of it – and it’s really very beautiful! There is a swimming pool in the courtyard of the mansion – even if it is not too big, but Nanai and Tatai are incredibly glad to see it. And Javie loves to travel with his parents, only in 2019 they visited nine countries with excursions.

The young man comments on it this way: “I want to introduce my parents to the most beautiful countries. I am very grateful to them for giving me such a life. I don’t know who I would have become without them and where I would be now. But I know for sure that thanks to these people I had a childhood and now I have a happy life.” Here is a story that began with gratitude and love for parents. Although, probably, it still began from the moment when the couple was not afraid to adopt a little boy.

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