The locals laughed at the old man because of his tractor. Until an expensive car stopped nearby…

It happens that native people, to whom he gave all the best in life, fail worse than a fierce enemy. But, and the person with whom he habitually walked through life next to turns out to be capable of almost a feat. Manuel and Ramira got together when they were 22 years old. The girl wanted a beautiful wedding, but Manuel could not earn money for it yet. And then her desire faded into the background when their only son Enrique was born.

The boy grew up to the delight of his parents. Already at 9 months old, he got on his feet, and in a year he began to speak. By the age of three, the kid was reading children’s books fluently. Parents cultivated fields, rented and sold crops. They kept cattle in a large yard. They were saving money for the future of their son, who showed very high hopes. A rumor about a boy who writes and reads at the age of 4 reached the mayor of the nearest city.

He visited his parents and said that he would definitely provide such a talented child with a special transport and a scholarship to study when he reaches school age. The mayor did not deceive his parents, and every morning a car began to pick up Enrique to take him to school. The boy didn’t have a single B in school. But he didn’t want to help his parents at home at all. He was not attracted to work on the ground, the guy was afraid of animals and was even lazy to clean his own room.

His parents forgave him everything, expecting that his son would have a bright future. Enrique graduated from high school perfectly and the mayor got him a scholarship to study at one of the best European universities. The young man was unspeakably glad to leave home. He told his parents that he wanted to become a better lawyer and would not come home until he became a specialist. And he hoped that during this time his parents would sell the farm and move to the city.

And they gave him with them all the money they had accumulated over the years of hard work. Years of study have passed. Enrique never visited his parents, they only occasionally found out how he was doing through other people. Were they at a loss to guess how their son lives? And then they saw him on the threshold of their house. He was a handsome young man, dressed to the nines. He came with people whom he introduced as his friends. They walked around the family grounds and the son showed them something.

Mother and father rejoiced, thinking that he was proud of his parents’ farm. Everything turned out to be much scarier, but they found out about it later. On the same evening, the son gave his father a paper to sign in between, and the next morning he and his friends left. The son did not appear again. But his “friends” arrived a week later and claimed most of the land that Manuel had owned for many years. It turned out that the piece of paper that his son gave him to sign was a contract for the purchase and sale of land.

Enrique left his parents with almost no means of support. The husband and wife were saved only by an old tractor, which he managed to put on the move. His son failed to sell by fraud. Now Manuel was working part-time on old equipment in the surrounding fields and he and his wife were fed on it. There was also a small plot on which the couple grew vegetables for food. But the end came to this. Ramira became very ill.

We needed medicines for which there was no money. First Manuel spent all the money. Then he sold the chickens left in the yard. But it wasn’t enough. Then he washed and cleaned his old tractor, which he had inherited from his father. After that, the farmer stood right next to a busy highway with the inscription “tractor for sale”. The locals stopped and laughed when they saw Manuel. “Who do you want to sell it to, Manuel? Take it straight to scrap metal, if they accept it,” friends shouted.

But he was not discouraged and continued to hope for a miracle. By the evening, a smart black car stopped next to the farmer. A young, luxuriously dressed driver got out of it and asked what “year of manufacture” the tractor being sold was? When he heard the answer, he named the amount for which he agreed to buy a rare model. Manuel’s eyes widened in surprise, but he tried to restrain himself.

The guy, who turned out to be a collector of old equipment, bought a tractor from him for an amount that was enough not only for treatment, but also for the opportunity to postpone a not yet small amount. When the deal went well, the farmer rushed to the hospital to pay for his wife’s treatment. It was so successful that she was home within a month. The couple was happy and decided that the remaining money would be spent, finally, on a luxurious wedding, which they once did not happen.

After the ceremony, the already elderly “newlyweds decided that they would bequeath their house to a charitable organization organized by a local priest. The son appeared only after their demise and was very outraged by such an “unfair” will. He divorced his wife in the city, who left him without an apartment. And he hoped to profit from his parents’ inheritance. But I miscalculated very much. By what measure he measured his parents, so fate measured him. He stayed “on the street”. And his parents left in peace almost in one day.

The district remembered for a long time a worthy pair of true workers on earth who helped everyone who could. And the amazing act of the spouse who pulled his wife literally “from the other world.” Unfortunately, children do not always treat their parents with the same love as they do them. But I want to believe that there will be as few such cases as possible. Not when do not forget about those who raised you and put most of their lives on it.

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