He swallowed a magnetic toy. During the examination, doctors literally found a question in it.

For nimble little fidgets, you need to look in both eyes, otherwise something completely unpredictable can happen. One of these unforeseen stories happened in Florida, USA, in the family of Hannah Arrington, where five children are growing up. One day, the eldest son brought home a magnetic BuckyBall anti-stress constructor, which is incredibly popular with teenagers.

This toy became infamous thanks to the tiktok trend: teenagers swallowed small magnets, and then told each other about their feelings. Hannah had heard a lot about such experiments, so she threw out BuckyBall without hesitation. But, as it turned out, she was a little late. Two-year-old Konin, the youngest son, managed to get to the constructor and swallowed several magnets.

When the baby started complaining of abdominal pain, Hannah went with him to see a local doctor, and he wrote out a referral for an X-ray. What the doctors saw in the picture led them to bewilderment: 16 small magnets stuck together in the boy’s intestines, lined up in the form of a question mark. The situation was so bad that Horsemeat was immediately admitted to the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. He was urgently operated on and 90 centimeters of the small intestine was removed.

But that’s not all: because of the magnets, the stomach and part of the colon suffered. After the operation, the two-year-old boy spent a week in a hospital ward, and then he was released home. But a couple of days passed, and Konin was in the hospital again: he began to lose weight rapidly. The diagnosis that he was given this time: short small intestine syndrome. Food was introduced to the baby through a special probe. It turns out that doctors at Arnold Palmer Hospital have already had to deal with similar situations.

According to Jenna Wheeler, an intensive care doctor, in 2021, four children who swallowed magnets from similar constructors were already treated here. “The main problem that arises in this case is the following: magnets can clamp the twisted small intestine and block the flow of blood. Such an affected area of the organ has to be removed,” Dr. Wheeler said.

After everything that happened, Hannah turned to the parents of young children, writing on her page in the social network: “As closely as possible, keep track of what toys are in your house. Especially if you have small children. Things that are just innocent entertainment for older brothers and sisters can be deadly for younger ones.” Who would have thought that an anti-stress toy carries a potential danger? Although, little fidgets are incredibly curious, and their enthusiasm in the process of learning the world can make even a toy dangerous.

And while the children are so stupid, parents should not leave them without attention for a minute. Well, in the case of Horse Meat, I want to believe that everything will be fine with him. I repeat once again, in no case do not leave children with small objects and toys, and it is better to exclude such objects from his environment altogether while the baby is small, but, unfortunately, many parents ignore this.

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