A police dog fired for being too “friendly” gets a new job.

Scientists have proven that dogs have a tenfold stronger sense of smell than humans. And this is one of the reasons why police officers hire four-legged partners, but sometimes they need other features to serve. It turns out that it is possible to understand what a service dog can specialize in when he is only a month old.

Dog handlers never work according to a template – they find an approach to each dog, depending on its character, and find out in which direction it is better to use it. For example, quite aggressive dogs are suitable for working in the direction of “anti-terror”, and more playful ones can look for drugs and explosives. Well, if the dog turns out to be too friendly, a police career is not for her.

Meet the German Shepherd Havel from the state of Queensland in Eastern Australia. This dog was expelled from the police dog school because he turned out to be too friendly for police work. Yes, he didn’t want to look for drugs and catch criminals, he liked to just play with different people, especially if they scratched him behind the ear or on the belly. But since Havel was still a very beautiful service dog, he quickly got a new job, which also suited him much better than the previous one.

When an Open Day was held at the Government House of the Australian state of Queensland, Governor Paul de Jersey introduced Havel, the official service dog of the Viceroyalty, to all those present and told about his duties. What should Havel do? He must meet guests and tourists who visit the residence in Queensland, as well as attend government meetings and come to meetings with the governor of the state.

In fact, having become a ceremonial dog, Havel just has to remain himself – sociable, friendly, affectionate and incredibly charming. Governor Paul de Jersey first saw Havel in 2016, when he was just a 10-week-old puppy. The puppy appeared at the official residence of the governor, because it was there that he was supposed to be trained at the dog academy.

It took only a few weeks, and the dog handlers said that Havel did not have the necessary skills to work in the police: he molested and cajoled all strangers, preferring to play with them rather than help arrest them. Then they decided to stop classes with the puppy, and exclude him from school. But by this time, both the entire staff of the Government House and Paul de Jersey had already managed to fall in love with the puppy and really get attached to him.

Therefore, when the governor found out that the training of this cute guy was canceled because of his friendliness, he decided to intervene. In early 2017, Paul de Jersey approved a new position: ceremonial Vice-royal Dog. Havel was appointed to this position. By the way, the dog even signed a contract with his paw print, which lists his duties: to meet and greet visitors, as well as to attend official ceremonies, sometimes even in fashionable dog costumes.

According to a spokesperson for the Queensland government, Havel very quickly settled into his new position and became an “important and incredibly beloved” part of the life of the residence. And Governor Paul de Jersey often talks about Havel’s life on his Instagram page. Yes, Havel, of course, was lucky. And what made him unfit for police service allowed him to find something to do.

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