The old man was on the plane for the first time, and everyone laughed at him, but soon a terrible thing happened

Life often gives lessons to people with high self-esteem and contempt for others. Therefore, it is not necessary to arrogantly judge those who are nearby, without knowing their life and soul. A family of farmers has lived in distant Australia for many years. The couple Martin and Olivia had two sons, but they are rarely seen with their parents. More often there are grandchildren who are looking with interest at the large household of their grandparents.

But they are still too young to learn the details of their grandfather’s life. Martin was born into a wealthy family. His mother was the daughter of a politician, and his father was the son of a respected doctor who decided to continue the dynasty. The marriage was arranged both for convenience (both families were rich) and for love, because a sincere feeling broke out between the guy and the girl. The first to be born was the elder sister of Martin. The children’s interests were completely different.

Daniela immediately decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, seeing this as a career opportunity. The boy has been special since childhood. He said that he dreams of eating what he will grow on the ground himself. The parents were very surprised, but did not prevent the boy. And he was happy to learn from his grandparents how to cultivate the land. The boy’s family became more and more well-off. And one day their father was offered a unique job in a huge medical center in Europe.

Under a long-term contract, social security and salary were offered at the highest level. The family decided to sell everything and move to another country. The boy cried and asked to be left with his grandparents. And he also asked to leave him a piece of land. While his family was settling in a foreign country, Martin began farming. Already at the age of 14, he received his first harvest. At the age of 16, he dropped out of school so as not to waste time on everything that interferes with work.

His parents were in shock and begged him on the phone to give up the crazy idea. Martin received support only from his grandfather. He gave him money for seeds, seedlings and equipment. After 3 years, the guy was not only able to return the money to his grandfather, but also built a new house on his plot. A year later, he looked after the girl next door and asked her to become his wife. The guy immediately told Olivia that he does not use the money of his rich family, but earns everything himself. The young wife did not object.

On the contrary, her respect for her husband only increased. After the death of his grandparents, Martin inherited all their property. He invested money in the development of the economy, and gave a huge house to his cousins. Having increased the volume of land, the man expanded his business so much that he began to ship products all over the country. There was already a lot of money in his account, but Martin always led a modest lifestyle: he just dressed, did not buy luxury items or jewelry.

The wife kept the house herself and managed to help her husband in the field. She also remained a very simple person. Martin’s two sons were more attracted to the city. They studied there first at school, then at the best universities. The village was visited only occasionally. But one day the elder Jack arrived very excited. He told his father that his aunt Daniela had called him, she said that their grandmother, Martin’s mother, was in a very serious condition and wanted to see her son before his death. Martin was terribly upset.

He also understood that it was necessary to fly by plane, but he was terribly afraid of it. The man asked someone from his family to fly with him. But the spouse could not leave the household, and the sons were busy at work and could not leave the country for a long time. They really asked their father to buy decent clothes for the trip, but he replied that they were clean and that was enough. Before boarding, almost all the passengers looked askance at Martin, he was dressed like a typical Australian farmer at work: in shabby jeans, a shirt rolled up to the elbow and a hat.

When he entered the rich salon in his light flip-flops, by the way, there was only a free ticket to business class, many rich people began to laugh. In a loud voice, someone said that the man got off the donkey for the first time. Others “encouraged” that even if all the clocks in the salon were to fail, this tramp would be able to tell them everything by the sun. Everyone saw that the old peasant was on the plane for the first time and laughed at him. But no one could have imagined that the unexpected would happen soon.

Instead of 14 hours of flight, the plane flew only 5, and suddenly the engine began to fail. By a lucky chance, the pilots managed to crash-land the liner. But it happened in the middle of the jungle. The crew commander was able to transmit the coordinates. Apart from him, only Martin and a few other people were conscious at first. The two of them began to bring people to their senses and pull them out of the plane.

The pilot said that the plane began to burn and the flames would sooner or later reach the gas tanks. Until then, we need to try to save people. Men began to be helped by recovering people. After a while, everyone was evacuated. People moved to a safe distance. The stewardess, who mocked Martin more than others, wanted to kneel in front of him, but the man did not allow it. Apologies and frustrated exclamations came from all sides.

No one, not even the pilots, knew what to eat in the jungle. And there was no help yet. Martin knew all the plants almost by touch. He explained to people what to eat and what not to eat, what water to drink and how to sleep safely in the jungle, he knew all this because of his hobbies with plants and a lot of books about survival that he liked to read at his leisure. Everyone felt terribly ashamed that they were being saved by the person they were laughing at. Help appeared only a couple of days later, without Martin, all the people on his flight would have had a hard time.

A day after the rescue from the jungle, all the Passengers, including Martin, were sent along the route on a specially allocated plane. It was very scary for everyone to get on the plane again. The peasant tried to cheer people up as best he could, and joked about his fears. Somehow it became easier for everyone. And, fortunately, this flight reached its destination without incident. His mother had aged and felt very ill.

But the arrival of her son affected her so positively that after 2 days she suddenly got out of bed. “You know, son, people should end their days at home,” said the mother, seeing Martin off, “we will be returning soon. I knew it when I saw you. You need to be close to your relatives and the graves of your ancestors.” The son was terribly glad that his mother got better and his parents would return. He said that he would definitely help them settle down where they were born and grew up.

When Martin returned to Australia, he was surprised to see a crowd of people meeting their plane. He was greeted as a real hero, it didn’t matter to everyone what a man looked like, since people knew what kind of person was really hiding behind this nondescript appearance. Martin returned to his work on the farm. The land was for him not only a means of making money, but also a real breadwinner.

He and his wife really hoped that one of their grandchildren would follow in their footsteps and become a farmer. The incident with the farmer on board the plane has become a lesson to those who are used to dividing people by social significance, nationality, religion or any other attribute. You should not humiliate someone who seems to you less educated or rich. Life can painfully punish arrogance and teach you to appreciate everyone.

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