A woman without children is confused when a DNA test showed that she has a DAUGHTER…

DNA tests were quite popular in the USA. People were tested to find out their pedigree and, possibly, to find relatives. And sometimes such experiments ended very unusually. For some, it was something like an innocent entertainment, others took it more seriously. The same is the result – some of the information was just useful, and some were shocked by the information received.

Molly Sinert was a foster child in the family. The girl was lucky, she had no lack of attention and love. That’s probably why she was almost never interested in her biological parents. But one day, having accidentally stumbled across an advertisement for a DNA test on the Internet, Molly decided to take it and at least learn something about her roots and blood relatives. The results shocked the whole family!

The test showed that the DNA is 49.96% the same as the DNA of another person – an 11-year-old girl. Molly was told that, judging by such a stunning coincidence, this girl could be her daughter. But Molly had never been pregnant, so there was no need to talk about the baby at all! Molly later described the whole story as follows: “I thought it would be nice to find the next of kin. That’s why I did a DNA test.

In this test, there was an option to search for relatives who also passed it. I pressed the button, and I was shown the data of a complete stranger who was 49.96% like me.” How could this happen? Who was the child who was named Molly’s daughter? Of course, the girl decided to find out. She wrote to a girl named Isabel Bushnell, and as a result of this communication, everything gradually fell into place.

Molly and Izzy realized that the only explanation for why the DNA test turned out exactly the way it was was if Molly and Emily, Izzy’s mom, were identical twins. The fact is that Emily Bushnell was also an adopted daughter of her parents. When Isabel grew up, she wanted to know the origin story of her mother and began to persuade her to take a DNA test. Emily refused, so Izzy passed the test.

And as a result, it turned out that the test showed almost a 50% match with a completely unknown woman – Molly! Molly Sinert and Emily Bushnell exchanged photos, and both were struck by the incredible similarity! The life story of the twin women is like a fiction or a melodrama scenario. They were born on March 29, 1985 in South Korea, and neither of them even suspected the existence of a sister.

When the girls were very young, they were adopted, but one thing is unclear – why they were separated and given to different families. Molly grew up in a Jewish family in Florida, and Emily was raised in a Jewish family from Philadelphia. And only 35 years later they accidentally found out about each other’s existence. The women were surprised not only that they were twins – they were also surprised that they were both in America, so far from South Korea.

As it turned out during the correspondence that the sisters began to conduct, they had a lot in common, and in their lives they often made the same decisions. For example, they liked the same style of clothing, and their graduation outfits and hairstyles were identical. Both houses had cats of the same color. After a few months of Internet communication, the twins decided to meet in person. They organized this meeting on March 29, the day when they turned 35 years old.

Emily and Easy Bushnell flew to Molly Sinert in Florida. Later, Emily and Molly admitted that they were both worried about not meeting each other’s expectations. Emily told about it like this: “There was a huge fear in me that I would not be good enough for my sister. I think deep down I knew that Molly would feel the same way. And the moment we met, the connection appeared almost instantly.

It was a little strange, but so comfortable and pleasant!”. Both twin sisters consider it a great success that after so many years they found each other. “This is the happiest moment in my life! It’s just a pity that so many previous years were stolen from me, because I could have lived them with my sister,” Molly admitted.

And her niece Izzy commented on everything that was happening: “It was really shocking! I couldn’t even imagine that my mom has a sister, and even a twin!”. It’s an amazing story, isn’t it? To live half a life and find out about the existence of a sibling, and even a twin. It’s incredible!

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