The daughter’s parents began to ask the groom about the salary. When he didn’t answer, he was kicked out the door.

When lovers get to the wedding, they have to build relationships with the parents of their “halves”. As life shows, it can sometimes be very difficult to get along with future relatives. A vivid example of how relationships don’t work out is a story posted on the Reddit website by a young Canadian, Oliver. Perhaps, for the convenience of perception, it makes sense to tell it in the first person.

We met with Alicia for quite a long time, we even started making plans for the upcoming life together. I haven’t met her parents yet, but this weekend they invited me to their place and wanted to talk one-on-one. Of course, I went to visit future relatives, but I did not expect that the acquaintance would happen this way!

At lunch, everyone behaved quite calmly – there were no questions, although I was waiting for them, and then Alicia’s father asked me to leave my mobile phone and go into another room. The request to leave the phone seemed a little strange to me, but I did it anyway. I thought maybe the future father-in-law wants me not to be distracted during a serious conversation with him. As soon as Alicia’s parents and I were in the guest room, a conversation about my work began.

I must say that I have a great career, the other day I was promoted and, accordingly, my salary was increased. I earn well – enough for a young family. But the future father-in-law and mother-in-law did not even know approximately how much I was getting, and now they began to persistently ask me about it. It seemed that my income was the only thing they were interested in. I didn’t like the way the conversation unfolded at all, so I tried to politely change the subject.

But my parents, seeing that I was not going to talk about my salary, continued to persistently demand explanations. As the main argument, they said the following: it is very important for them to know about my financial condition, because they must be sure that I will be able to provide for my future wife – their daughter. I tried in every possible way to assure future relatives that Alicia is in safe hands, that I earn well, and that we will not need anything.

And he also added that, as it seems to me, money is not everything for the family, and, fortunately, their daughter has never behaved mercantile towards me. I think it is very important that there is love, respect, mutual understanding between the spouses – only then can we talk about a happy and strong family. As it turned out, Alicia’s mom thought about this completely differently. She was only interested in numbers.

She even started telling me in great detail about the problems that could arise in the family if it turns out that I don’t earn enough. These words did not convince me at all. Moreover, I began to lose patience and even hinted that my salary did not concern them in any way. I got up from my chair and headed for the exit, but at that moment Alicia’s father locked the door in the room with a key! At the same time, he said that he would not let me out until he heard the answer to his question and considered the conversation over!

It was no longer in any framework! I was so angry that I began to tell Alicia’s parents everything I thought about them at that moment. I couldn’t help myself and literally burst into accusations against them: “What the hell is going on? My financial situation does not concern you at all! It’s none of your business at all! You behave as if you see in me only a purse with money, and not a person!”. These words struck a chord with them.

The woman started crying and even clutched her heart, and her husband opened the door and ordered me to leave the house. Meanwhile, my mother had already called Alicia and told her in detail about the disrespect I had shown them in their own home. After this incident, Alicia and I had a serious conversation. At the same time, she asked me to apologize to her parents. But I believe that they are the only ones to blame for what happened.

And although I don’t want to spoil relations with them, I’m not going to apologize. This story raises many questions. Who is right in this situation? Is it really important to have a good relationship with the in-laws of the husband/wife? Do parents have the right to request a financial statement? And you have the answers to at least some of these questions.

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