The old man gave the bag to the doctor and said his last wish. When he opened it, he was in shock…

A seriously ill patient gave an old bag to a nurse and said his last wish. When he opened it, he was in shock. Samuel was a young guy from an ordinary family, who since childhood did everything to fulfill his dreams, and did not recognize any obstacles. After graduating from high school, he entered a medical university to achieve success in this field. He was always interested in medicine, and he dreamed of becoming a real doctor.

Despite the fact that this was not his favorite field, he chose physical therapy because it was much cheaper to study there than at other faculties. His goal in life was to help other people, to make their lives better, and all this was available to a physiotherapist. Confident in his choice, he embarked on a difficult path full of obstacles, but was able to overcome everything thanks to his perseverance, optimism and hard work.

From the very beginning, he organized his time so that he could earn extra money, and so pay his expenses. Sometimes he had to choose between buying food or paying for his studies, which was a very difficult choice. But he was sure that all these sacrifices were not in vain. The young man was happy when he finally graduated from university, but everyone around him believed that his joy would soon fade away when he faced the harsh reality and saw how hard it was to find a job in this field.

However, the guy did not allow himself to give up and despair for a second. After he sent his resume to many hospitals without receiving any response, he decided to work temporarily in the parking lot, this time full-time, in order to be able to support himself until he had the opportunity to start working in his specialty.

A little more than a month has passed, and the long-awaited day has come: one of the clinics to which he sent his resume hired him on a temporary contract for 3 months, promising to consider leaving him for a permanent job in the future. The young man began his work with great zeal in the department where patients with spinal injuries were admitted. There was a terrible atmosphere in the department, most of his colleagues worked reluctantly and treated their patients as if they were not human.

This stimulated the guy to work better, and to be attentive and polite not only with his wards, but also with everyone who was in the department. His colleague told him: “They will never hire us for a permanent job. It’s all a lie, just a clinic tactic to get cheap employees for a while, and when needed, we will be easily replaced.”

Samuel agreed with his colleague, and although this was not comforting news, he believed that even so it was impossible to give up and stop doing their job, especially since they get the experience they need so much. As the days passed, the young physiotherapist drew attention to an elderly patient in a wheelchair who was brought to his office every day.

During all this time, the man did not have any improvements in his condition, he was so depressed that his internal state did not allow his body to respond to therapy. Samuel became interested in this case and decided to switch patients with a colleague in order to personally engage with a man. Thanks to his great patience and charisma, the guy managed to melt the ice between himself and a man named Dexter.

An elderly patient told his new doctor that once in his youth he was an outstanding table tennis player and even won tournaments. This prompted the young physiotherapist to the idea of arranging a game evening for patients. He got out a table and with the help of other patients who were interested in this game, he was able to help Dexter play his favorite game again, even while in a wheelchair. This therapy proved to be very successful, the elderly man’s condition began to improve dramatically along with his mood.

The center was filled with the sincere laughter of the man and his playing partners. Samuel was happy and proud of himself, joy overwhelmed him when he saw how his patients were getting better. The day the clinic management told him that they no longer needed his services, the guy’s heart was broken. He was upset not so much by the loss of income, but by the lack of the opportunity to help his patients, to whom he was already used.

He was crushed. He had to return to his previous job, because the money that the clinic paid him was not enough for a couple of weeks of life. Twice a month, he replaced Dexter’s nurse, as he sincerely wanted to help him and took him to the center himself to somehow help him in his therapy. One day an elderly man asked a guy if he had opened an old sports bag that a nurse had given him a few weeks ago in gratitude for his help.

The guy confessed in frustration that he had completely forgotten about her, as he was very busy. When Samuel returned home and opened the bag, he was shocked: it was full of money! When the guy met Dexter again, Dexter told him that he was a very rich man and this is only a small part of his money. He said that no one had ever worried about him the way Samuel did, so he thought it would be fair if the guy got the money.

The young physiotherapist refused for a long time, but the elderly man insisted so much that he had to agree with Dexter’s only wish that with this money he would open his own medical center, where staff in love with their work would work, and where patients would be able to receive the best service.

This story is about the fact that success always accompanies those who diligently and lovingly do their job without giving up under any circumstances, and let this story seem naive, but a good specialist with the right approach will always be in demand and provided.

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