The girl explores an abandoned house and is SHOCKED by what she found in the living room…

What does it mean for a photographer to be in the right place at the right time? This means that a great frame is guaranteed. But sometimes, besides interesting photos, life throws up other surprises. Leslie Muir was not just a photographer, but a real urban explorer: she loved to find and shoot various abandoned places and buildings.

This time, when Leslie was returning home after a long celebration of her birthday, a dilapidated red house caught her attention. It looked as if it had been abandoned for many years: the roof was falling in, the driveway and the whole yard were overgrown with tall grass. It’s unclear why, but this house intrigued Leslie, and she decided to explore it and take some pictures.

The girl walked around the mysterious residence and photographed various interesting details, and then decided to look inside: she was sure that the house was abandoned, and did not worry about angering someone with this act. When Leslie’s curiosity led her to the living room, she made a shocking discovery: she found something there that she did not expect at all. And then this random red house changed her life forever.

When the photographer was in the living room, suddenly a strange “Hello” sounded behind her. Inside what Leslie thought was an abandoned house, she met Lawrence. “This is Lawrence. He lives in a house that I thought was abandoned,” Leslie Muir wrote under a photo she posted on her Instagram page. And then the girl told the tragic story of this man:

“I found Lawrence in the living room. It is difficult for him to move around, so he spends most of his time there. One. He has no right eye, and the left one sees almost nothing because of severe cataracts.” Then the girl added, “But it seems that the poor health of this old man did not hurt his spirit at all. He was incredibly sweet and kind to me. And he even turned out to be so kind that he allowed me to take a picture of himself.”

Of course, the fact that Lawrence turned out to be friendly and good-natured was a huge relief for Leslie after she realized that the abandoned house she entered uninvited and without warning was not empty at all. The photographer spent three whole hours in Lawrence’s company, and she was probably the first person he had talked to in the last few months. Unfortunately, Lawrence has very little time left. He was dying.

And at that time there was not a single person next to him who could take care of him or at least support him morally. He had long been ready to leave this life in such conditions, because he spent years alone in this old dilapidated house. But that was until Leslie appeared: she promised to visit the old man and brighten up his loneliness.

The girl kept her promise. For several weeks after they met, she came to Lawrence several times, they even went out for a walk together, cooked a barbecue. Leslie Muir showed the old man all the kindness and love she was capable of. The girl appeared in his life just in time to become his “family” and take care of him in his last days.

Lawrence’s health was rapidly deteriorating, but Leslie was not going to leave everything as it was: she helped the elderly man move into a nursing home and continued to visit him often. “He is safe, warm and cozy. He seems pretty happy to be around new people, although I know he misses home,” the photographer commented on her friend’s move. “Lawrence shared with me something intimate that will stay with me forever.

He said that the day we met was the best day of his life,” the girl wrote on her Instagram page. “The day I met this old man was the best day of my life. This person gave me a chance to do something really useful for someone – to show kindness without waiting for a reward. On my birthday, I received the greatest gift – a new friend.

Could I have known that this meeting was just the beginning of something wonderful?”. And the photographer came to the conclusion that people shoot what they don’t want to forget. And after meeting Lawrence, she often takes pictures of him, because, in her opinion, no one deserves to be forgotten. And Leslie assured that Lawrence would never be forgotten.

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