What happens if you cross a sphinx cat and an ordinary yard cat?

What can happen if you cross cats of very different breeds? Although almost no one specially organizes interbreeding, such cases are not uncommon. And what if you cross a sphinx and an ordinary yard cat? It happens, after all, that the owners will not see, and the sphinx cat walks with the yard cat. Or the sphinx cat will find a beardless girlfriend. That’s how mestizos appear – that’s how the offspring from cats of different breeds are called.

At the birth of kittens of any breed, it is expected that they will be dominated by hereditary signs, and the litter of mestizos is able to surprise with an incredible variety. Of course, mestizos adopt the genes of their parents, but each kitten from one batch of newborns has a completely individual set of these genes. Moreover, a baby from a mixed litter can simultaneously manifest the genes of both parents: for example, the features of the coat – from one, and the shape of the ears or the cut of the eyes – from the other.

Often, a kitten is born in mixed litters that does not look like any of the parents – this is how the “crushed” genes of distant ancestors manifest themselves. When crossing a sphinx and an ordinary cat, there can be absolutely different kittens in one litter: completely bald; with a small “velour” coat; with ordinary wool, like domestic cats; “combined”: with partial wool, and in rather unexpected combinations.

But the surprises don’t end there. As kittens grow up, the presence and location of the fur on their body may change. For example, cats with ordinary hair may lose it completely, or bald kittens may have hair on some parts of the body. Only the structure of the body will remain unchanged for the whole life of the mestizos. The appearance of mestizos can be very unusual, but at the same time cute or funny. Although it happens that kittens are born with a rather unpleasant appearance.

As for the character of the animal, these are not innate qualities – the character of the cat is always formed in the process of upbringing. If an animal gets habits with genes, then its character develops over the course of life and depends on many reasons. Mestizos take behavioral habits from both parents, most often the properties of one of them dominate. Morgan is one of the most interesting examples of what can happen when crossing a sphinx and an ordinary cat.

Morgan was born to a sphinx cat who took a walk with a street cat. He looks like he was “assembled” from two completely different cats: one part of his torso from a stately sphinx, and the other from a yard cat. The upper half of Morgan’s body is completely bald, like a sphinx, and from a pedigreed dad he got light fluffy pants.

Morgan’s owners share videos of their unusual pet online. Some people don’t really like the look of such a strange cat, but still more than those who were delighted with this unusual animal. Half-breed kittens are not given pedigrees. Such animals are taken by people with bright kind hearts who do not chase prestige. These people just take a good friend!

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