Everyone thinks it’s just a picture of beautiful girls, but after learning the truth, many do not believe it…

Have you ever seen images that combine something on the verge of reality and fantasy? Do you see anything unusual in this photo? “Quite an ordinary, albeit stunningly executed picture of a professional photographer. There is nothing supernatural, it looks great,” you will say. Perhaps you will continue: “A beautiful girl in the middle of an endless wheat field, which on the horizon rests against the firmament.

Yes, a beautiful photo that perfectly conveys bright and very lively shades: a light blue sky, a blue dress, green wheat with spikelets just beginning to turn yellow.” Look at a few other frames with beautiful girls – maybe they will help you understand what is wrong with the photos. After all, in fact, everything is much more complicated than it seems at first. No, these are not photographs. These are incredibly realistic paintings by the artist Igal Ozery.

For 25 years, the talented artist Igal Ozeri has been creating large-scale oil portraits of young women captured in the bosom of nature. These picturesque portraits are really very difficult to distinguish from photographs, to such an extent clearly and with maximum detail, the artist conveyed the seductive beauty and charm of women. Yigal Ozeri was born in Israel, and began his creative career there, working as an abstract artist.

But after visiting the Prado Museum in Madrid, Yigal was so impressed by the canvases of the painters of the Golden Age that he decided to learn to paint again. Ozeri now lives in New York. Moving to the USA coincided for the artist with a new stage in his work. Over the past 10 years, he has been creating works in the style of photorealism. Each portrait is a step–by-step creative process involving a whole group of professionals.

The fact is that Ozeri does not draw from nature – he needs photographs to work. It all starts with the fact that photographers are shooting models in nature. After that, the artist carefully looks through all the pictures on the computer and selects the best ones: with interesting poses of models, with the right lighting, etc. The artist projects the selected frames onto a large wall screen – this helps him determine the optimal size of the canvas.

And then the oil work begins. About the process of creating portraits, Igal Ozeri says: “With the largest brush I make an abstract drawing, it makes up 60-70% of the picture. Then I carefully draw all the details – with brushes more and more subtle.” Gradually, all these strokes turn into stunningly realistic portraits of girls against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes. According to the talented artist, romance and freedom present in his creations are the two pillars that are able to resist the world of violence.

Igal Ozeri’s paintings are a real hymn to beauty and an expressive contrast to the rudeness that reigns in everyday life. Ozeri says that he draws inspiration from the works of the pre–Raphaelites – the English painters of the XIX century Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Everett Millet. He tells: “I don’t want to create a mirror image, a completely ordinary reflection of reality.

I try to reflect the fine line separating the real world and the fantasy world. My works should be read as one reads lyrical poems or sonnets.” Over the many years of his work, Igal Ozeri has repeatedly and with great success demonstrated his works at numerous exhibitions all over the planet. His paintings are in the permanent collections of many museums around the world.

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