On his birthday, the police came to the guy with a cake and a coke. It was the saddest holiday.

I always want to celebrate my birthday in such a way that this event will be remembered for a long time. And if we are talking about the 18th anniversary, then the celebration in general should be such that it will be remembered for a lifetime. The coming of age of Paulo Rodriguez from the Brazilian city of Macau was accompanied by such congratulations that he is unlikely to ever forget about it. Most likely, the young man had grandiose plans about how to spend such a significant day, but they had to be changed.

And all because from the very morning those whom he least expected and certainly did not want to see came to him – police officers, armed and in bulletproof vests. They brought Rodriguez a cake and a bottle of Coca-Cola, congratulated him on coming of age, and then… arrested him. Yes, the holiday ended with a banal arrest. It turns out that the police, even more than Paulo Rodriguez himself, were waiting for him to turn 18!

The fact is that according to Brazilian law, the cops could not arrest a guy until he reached the age of majority. And they really wanted to arrest Paulo, because he was suspected of shoplifting. The young man did not even think that he had been “under the hood” for a long time, and that he was being watched, because he did not know that surveillance cameras were installed in the store and that all his actions were recorded on tape. The thief was convinced that he would get away with stealing.

I must say that the police officers who came to the detention turned out to be very humane and showed maximum understanding. They not only brought a bottle of Coca-Cola and a beautiful cake as a gift to the birthday boy, but also sang happy birthday to him together. The men saw how sad Paulo’s face was, and tried to cheer him up a little and brighten up this day: they opened a bottle of coke and poured him a drink into a glass, cut the cake and offered a rather large portion.

However, the police themselves did not refuse a delicious dessert and tried a piece. We must pay tribute to these men: noisy, cheerful and extremely lively, they tried their best to cheer up the young birthday boy. Most likely, under other circumstances, they would have done it perfectly. But, unsurprisingly, Paulo Rodriguez never smiled.

After all, he already understood perfectly well what awaits him ahead. Although the guy did not refuse a sweet treat. Probably, he also understood that the opportunity to arrange a belly feast would now appear very soon. The guards waited for the birthday boy to finish his meal and get up from the table, and only after that they took him to the police station. In the near future, Paulo will have to appear in court.

The court will consider the case and determine whether the young man is guilty of robbing the store or not. Yes, it was a funny story. At least for us. And for a birthday boy celebrating his coming of age, it is quite sad. But what will you do, that’s life: today we get the results of our thoughts and actions of yesterday.

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