Secrets of the buffet, with which hotels make money on tourists.

Many hotels have restaurants serving buffet meals. There are several secrets of this system, thanks to which restaurants make good money on tourists. Let’s talk about them now. An abundance of vegetables and starchy foods. In catering establishments, they do everything to ensure that guests eat less expensive dishes. That is why meat and fish are always cut into small pieces, and even laid out in small portions.

At the same time, the tables are literally overloaded with dishes from such products that are profitable to buy in bulk: potatoes, rice, vegetables. The most profitable clients are family. The fact is that in most cases, there are a couple of children or grandmothers who eat a little for one lover to eat a lot in the family. Although parents may come with always hungry teenagers, but this situation is compensated by other visitors. In addition, children almost always choose various desserts, pizza and other easy-to-prepare and cheap dishes.

In general, restaurants manage to save well. Replacement of dishes and dirty dishes on the table. While the trays with side dishes and salads are always full, dishes with meat dishes, fish, seafood are often half empty. It’s simple: the management warns the waiters not to rush to serve expensive products, but at the same time make sure that everything most satisfying and cheap is always in abundance.

Many guests will not wait for steaks or seafood to be taken out, but will quickly take what is already on the table. By the way, dirty dishes are often not removed from the tables for a very long time, too, on purpose – this is how they push the guest to leave as soon as possible. Reuse of products. Fish of expensive species are almost not used in such establishments, but are prepared from cheaper ones. From the remaining slicing (bacon, ham, cheese), a casserole can be prepared later, stuffed vegetables.

And it is better not to take finely chopped meat in sauce at all, because it is usually prepared from yesterday’s remaining steaks and various nonconditioning. Small plates and large glasses. If in restaurants with a full service cycle you have to choose one or several dishes, then at the buffet there is a desire to try everything at once. You won’t be able to put a lot of food on a small plate – this means that visitors will leave less waste that will have to be thrown away.

Accordingly, more dishes will remain untouched, and then you can cook something else from them – for example, leftovers from lunch will be used to prepare dishes for dinner. There is another point: it has already been proven that when using large plates in self-service establishments, visitors overeat, and it is completely unprofitable for restaurants. With glasses, the opposite is true: they are larger than usual, because drinks are very cheap, and even greatly reduce appetite.

Non-working air conditioners. In large all-inclusive hotels, air conditioning is very often turned off, and this is done on purpose. The explanation is simple: the hotter the room, the less you want to eat meat or fish dishes. Visitors will be much more happy to eat vegetables and fruits, or they will take drinks and ice cream for an additional fee. Disabled Wi-Fi and no TV.

It is not profitable for restaurants operating on the buffet system to occupy a table for a long time and take repeated portions of food for themselves. Therefore, there is no access to television, as well as Wi-Fi. And after all, many visitors will not sit for a long time in a restaurant where you can’t go to social networks and look at the mail – they will eat as soon as possible and move to where the signal is being sent. Inconvenient devices. In containers with potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables there are large convenient tongs and ladles. And in containers with expensive dishes – the most inconvenient devices.

Of course, this is done on purpose so that guests eat more hearty carbohydrates and less expensive proteins. The calculation is this: who wants to stand and try to put a shrimp or a piece of salmon in a plate for a long time if there are people standing behind and waiting for their turn? That’s how, with the help of various tricks, restaurants can save money, this does not happen everywhere, of course, but in inexpensive hotels you can find many of the above

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