The girl wrote a letter to the light idol and did not receive an answer. Kill Sokoro who knocked on his door!

Many of us have people or have been, whom we used to look up to and want to be like. These people inspire us to set goals and achieve them. This is how little Kalani treats Jess Hosking, a girl who plays professional Australian football. Jess is Kalani’s idol. Looking up to her, the girl wants to be the same when she grows up, and she dreams of becoming a player herself.

One day Kalani and her mom Nicole came to watch the game, and after the game, when Jess was warming up, they approached her. Jess took a picture with Kalani and exchanged a few words with her, and it became a great happiness for the girl. Inspired by this meeting, the girl wrote a touching letter to her star idol. “Dear Jess, Thank you for saying hello to me and letting my mom take a photo of us together!

I couldn’t believe in such happiness for several days. I’m sorry that I talked to you so little then. I love communication, and then I just felt confused. Before I met you, I wanted to be a netball player. But one day I saw how great you play football, and now I also want to be a midfielder.

Mom and I have studied ladderand we are sure that you still have a chance to get to the finals, so play and luck will definitely be on your side! I really like your sports shoes! I also want to have such, but so far we have not been able to find such. With love, your admirer Kalani.” At that time, Jess worked in the same place as Nicole, Kalani’s mother – in the school sports association.

A few weeks after the game, where the girl and her idol met for the first time, Nicole gave Jess a letter from her daughter. The football star tells about it this way: “Nicole said that after that meeting with me, Kalani wrote me a letter. And now she has brought it to me too.” Jess read the letter, and suddenly realized that she was very excited and touched to the depths of her soul.

“I was so excited about this letter! At first it was hard for me to believe that someone could have such a reaction to me and my game! Reading this letter and rejoicing that thanks to me Kalani made the decision to play football, I was very happy, and a smile did not leave my face. And this letter also helped me to understand what a strong influence women’s sports and the athletes themselves have on children and teenagers,” the girl said.

After reading the incredibly kind letter of the girl, instead of answering her, Jess decided to surprise Kalani. “I thought maybe it would be really cool if I left everyone around and paid a visit to this girl.” She had arranged everything with Nicole in advance, and it was supposed to be a surprise for the baby. And now everything was ready: Jess was approaching the house, and the girl didn’t even know about it. When the bell rang and Kalani went to open the front door, she couldn’t believe that Jess had come to her!

In front of her, right in the doorway, stood her idol! From surprise and an overabundance of emotions, the girl burst into tears! For the athlete, the meeting also became a kind of surprise, because she did not expect that Kalani would burst into tears and be so excited to see her. Jess also gave the girl cool gifts and they had enough time to talk a lot.

Athletes like Jess deserve respect. After all, very often their attention is able to awaken a child’s love for sports and inspire him to take classes. And despite the further results, the sport itself disciplines very well and prepares children for adulthood.

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