They laughed at her because she couldn’t read until she was invited to a reading contest…

Perseverance and kindness are able to solve any problems with children. Especially if they are complemented by love for a little person. So life turned out that after the death of his father, the family of Old Believers could no longer live away from civilization and moved to Novosibirsk. Mom quickly found a job in a veterinary clinic, the younger children went to kindergarten, and the older girl went to a new school, right into the third grade.

Everything seemed to be going well, but the girl’s life at school did not go well. Before the time of the move, Antonina was taught at home by her dad. Now she got into a large group of students, of which there were almost 30 people. She was terribly lost from the noise of the school and the classroom. The little girl performed her written tasks well. The main problems began when they tried to call her to the blackboard. She began to confuse words and even letters. A young teacher, who had just come from the institute, openly disliked the girl.

Instead of helping the child overcome indecision, the woman made fun of her angrily, in fact, encouraging the students to follow her example. She pretended to be surprised that Antonina was studying in the third grade, although with her knowledge you only need to go to the senior kindergarten group. The teacher did not scream, but frowned and addressed the class, scaring the little girl: “Guys, it seems to me that they do not read so badly even in the first grade.

Maybe we will ask the director to return her to kindergarten?”. The children agreed with giggles. The boys especially laughed, teasing Tonya with a “fool” at recess. It got really bad when it was their teacher who was entrusted by the director to prepare the children for the school reading contest. From their class, the director herself chose 5 people, among whom she liked Tonya in some way. The teacher was unhappy that this girl was chosen and was not going to study with her at all.

She left the best guys in the class, and Tonya formally wrote in her diary what she should read, and sent her home. The girl heard in her back: “Well, with your brains, nothing shines here anyway. But since the director has chosen you, you will participate.” The girl ran home crying. She told her mother that she could not read at all, so the teacher would soon send her to kindergarten. Not understanding what was the matter, the woman decided to go to school. She hoped to join forces with the teacher to foster in her child the desire to study and self-confidence.

But I came across complete contempt and misunderstanding. The teacher said that it was the fault of the parents who did not teach the child to read normally. – But isn’t it the task of a talented teacher to overcome the fears of a child and instill in him a desire to learn? And in students to develop empathy and a desire to help, and not to harass? – I didn’t develop aggressiveness in the guys. They just realized that your daughter is stupid, I’m sorry. Well, let her participate in the readers’ competition, since she was also chosen by the director.

The mother realized that she would not find help here and decided to act on her own. At home, she decided to talk to her daughter. The girl shrank when her mother started talking about the reading contest, and said that she would definitely read the worst. Her mother hugged her and said that her daughter was the most wonderful. Therefore, she will definitely be able to read everything at the competition, but you need to try to do it the best. Antonina looked at her incredulously with wide-open eyes.

Seeing her mother’s kind smile, she calmed down, and preparations began. There were only 3 days left before the contest. The woman learned about this from her daughter’s diary, which at first the girl did not even show her. The text that was given to the little girl at school, the mother did not like. He was boring and uninteresting. Rummaging through her home bookshelf, she chose a completely different text for her daughter. Picking up a book, the baby habitually began to stutter. She confused the letters, then the words. Every time after that, she lowered the book and looked at her mother in fright.

She patiently corrected her daughter and encouraged her. Tonya read the book everywhere: when her mother was cooking, washing, and even on a walk in the park. People were walking around, but the woman asked to read the book aloud. She wanted her daughter to understand the text and she told her what it means: “You see, my girl, it says here that every person should have a dream. He should strive for it and never give up. Only self-confidence can change a person for the better.

Life won’t always be good. But also with its complex tasks, it teaches a person to go forward and not be discouraged. And it is also very important to share your thoughts and problems with loved ones. And then the person will definitely receive help and support. That’s what you’re going to read about at the contest! And I have to read it so that people understand what needs to be done. And for that, you have to be sure of it yourself.” Tonechka was a great smart girl. The text chosen by mom really liked her.

She realized that she would definitely be just such a girl. And suddenly all her fears disappeared somewhere. Antonina realized that she had to convince everyone around her that she was reading. And now the day of the contest has come. There were 30 participants in total. The director of the school and 4 other people sat on the jury, among whom a famous writer was invited. The teacher, fortunately, was not there. The woman was terribly worried about her daughter. It seemed to her that from today her baby’s life should change a lot. But that’s which way…

Mother really hoped that for the better. The hall was full. Antonina’s mother came earlier than many and she managed to take a seat in the second row. When the children went behind the stage, the woman noticed the smirk of their teacher who saw her girl. The first 10 people passed for the mother, as in a fog. And then her little girl came out. The woman managed to meet her baby’s eyes and even wink at her. But she was surprised not to notice an ounce of doubt in her daughter’s eyes. And then the text sounded.

And suddenly the hall was completely silent. Both adults and children listened with equal attention. When the girl finished, the silence “rang” by inertia for a few more seconds, and suddenly the hall exploded with violent claps. It seemed that in the words of the baby, each of those present found something of their own, intimate. Tonechka’s mother realized that her girl performed well. They laughed at her because she couldn’t read, but now everything had to change.

Even the mother did not expect how serious the changes would be. After the end of the contest, a famous writer was given the floor to announce the results. He said that the main task of a teacher is not just to give grades and knowledge, but to educate children with worthy personalities, to help them overcome fears and bad inclinations. The writer wished the teachers, first of all, to remain people, and only then – professionals in their field. After that, he announced the winner of the contest, which was Antonina.

The writer said that the girl read the text not just with words, but also with her soul. Therefore, her speech affected everyone in this hall. The little girl was confused from surprise. The girl’s mother was called to the stage and handed her a certificate for buying goods in a children’s store. When the writer presented the certificate, he asked the woman to stay after the event. – How would you like to transfer your gifted girl to my literary gymnasium? – OK.

But I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay for her education. – And you won’t need to do that. I go to different schools, see talented children and offer them to study at an educational institution that I supervise. You have a talented, fragile soul girl, whom I will be very happy to accept for training. And we have 5-10 people in our classes. Well, do you agree? Tears welled up in the woman’s eyes. She said she would talk to her daughter. But she was sure that her Tonya would be happy to leave the class, where kindness and a desire to help are not encouraged in children.

“Well, it’s for the best that we leave this school,” the woman thought. The girl was happy, and the next year she was already studying with new guys. With a child, there should be not just a person giving knowledge, but a real senior friend and mentor for all the years of study. Only then will a strong, brave and successful person come out into life, having compassion and kindness in his soul.

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