In a medieval castle on the island, they are looking for a caretaker for life…

Do you remember the lines of the great Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin: “In the light, here’s what a miracle: the island was steep in the sea, … and now there is a new city with a palace on it”? Sometimes an island with a castle standing on it is really considered a real miracle. In the south-west of Great Britain, off the coast of Cornwall, in Mount Bay, there is the island of St. Michael’s Mount, which means St. Michael’s Island. This island is a rock protruding from the depths of the sea, consisting of shales and granite.

It is very interesting how St. Michael’s Mount, 366 meters away from the mainland, is connected to land. At low tide, when the water level drops, a beautiful neat path appears, paved with stone right along the bottom of the bay. And then you can get to the island on foot through the sea! And when the tide comes in, the path goes under the water again, and then the only way to get to the island is to use a boat.

St. Michael’s Mount is the main attraction of Cornwall, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The object of their attention is an ancient monastery standing on the very top of the island. Yes, it is at the top, because it is not just an island, but an island-rock. The Benedictine monastery was built by monks who settled on St. Michael’s Mount at the very beginning of the XII century. Gradually, the community grew, and the number of extensions increased.

As a result, the monastery occupied almost the entire territory of the island and outwardly began to resemble an impregnable fortress. In the XIV century, King Henry V seized the monastery and dispersed its inhabitants, and converted the building into a real fortress. Since 1657, this majestic building has been in the frequent possession of the St. Aubyn aristocratic family. In the middle of the twentieth century, the St. Aubyn family donated this property to the state.

However, a lease agreement was concluded between the family and the state for 999 years, so the members of the aristocratic family remained to live in the castle. In total, about 30 people live permanently on the island – in addition to members of the St. Aubyn family, they are also service personnel. And now the aristocrats are looking for a caretaker on their estate for life. The caretaker will be placed in one of the living rooms and promised to pay him a good salary.

It is assumed that the caretaker will spend at least 5 days a week in the castle, and his duties will include security and nightly rounds of all the rooms available to tourists. In addition, he will have to deal with all “technical issues related to the maintenance of the castle.” What kind of possessions will the person who took the position of caretaker have to look after? Judging by the territory, there is a lot of work to be done.

Immediately behind the high walls surrounding the ancient buildings, the ascent begins up a steep slope to the castle standing on top. And along the walls on the south side there is a stunning flower garden – however, the garden is not handled by a caretaker, but by a gardener. There is also a church on the territory with a rather modest interior design. Inside the old castle, in those residential areas where tourists are allowed, luxurious rich interiors.

Stained glass windows especially attract attention – not every cathedral can boast of such. In addition to professional requirements, the following requirements are also put forward to the job applicant: “this person must be tactful, sensitive, attentive and careful.” The requirements regarding the personal qualities of the future caretaker are quite understandable, because he will have to join a small team of those who already live on the island. Castle manager Duncan Murdoch spoke about life on St. Michael’s Mount:

“The best thing about life here is a stunning view of the vast expanses of the sea from almost every window. And the worst thing is that no service will undertake to deliver pizza to you right at the door.” Do you think the caretaker of the castle on the island of Crumpled Mikhail is a real dream job? Or is romance on the island only for tourists, and for those who work there – it’s ordinary workdays?

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