The hero cat saves the baby from the babysitter…

There are many different stories about dogs that proved to be real heroes, saving people. Cats are better known as spoiled creatures who show their love depending on the mood. But, it turns out, cats can also be heroes! When Mary and Daniel had a baby, they were incredibly happy for him. And their cat Zarra, as soon as she saw baby Ollie, meowed in greeting.

For Zarra, meeting Ollie was love at first sight. Besides, for her, this baby was the perfect little man with whom she could sleep. And it just so happened that wherever Ollie was, Zarra was always with him. After 9 months spent at home with her son, Mary decided to go to work. But she needed a babysitter to take care of the baby while she was at work, and Mary didn’t trust anyone else. And so she turned to her friend Alicia.

Mary was sure that her son would be fine with Alicia, because she had long known this 21-year-old girl as a good kind person. Besides, Alicia did not have a job, and she needed money – it turned out that this cooperation was mutually beneficial. For the first time, Alicia visited Mary and Daniel’s house back when they had just taken in Zarra the cat. The cat loved to snuggle up to other people’s knees, and Alicia was no exception then. But in the few weeks since Alicia became Ollie’s nanny, the animal’s behavior has changed.

What happened, maybe the cat was jealous of Alicia? The nanny suggested that perhaps Zarra began to behave aggressively because her clothes smell like a dog. But a few days later, Mary and Daniel realized that their child was also behaving differently. And they had no idea what was going on. Ollie has always been a relaxed child, he has never been frightened by too loud noises. But one day, when Mary shouted to Daniel, who was in the other room, the baby shuddered.

And when Mom reached out to calm him down, he shuddered again. “Why is Ollie flinching? What if Alicia beats him?”– Mary didn’t know if she had paranoid thoughts, or if there were reasons for her worries. And the next day, when Mary came home from work, she saw that her son’s lip was swollen. The babysitter explained that Ollie’s lip was swollen after he hit himself with a toy. But the parents decided to check on the nanny, because they already had doubts about her.

Mary and Daniel didn’t have time to buy some cameras and install them, so they purchased a small recording device. But where to put it? It won’t be possible to hide it in Ollie’s clothes, especially since Alicia can change it. And then they looked at Zarra: she would be the perfect spy, because she is always with Ollie. Mayor and Daniel sat in a car parked near the house and listened to the recording.

At first they heard Zarra meowing, and then Ollie’s voice trying to meow like a cat – it was very funny! Suddenly Ollie started crying, and how did Alicia react to that? Instead of trying to calm the child down, she started shouting at him! “Shut up, shut up… shut up. Shut up!” she screamed, and the baby continued to cry. Then the parents heard Zarra hissing. “You’ll have to get over it!” – Alicia also shouted at the cat.

The parents immediately went home to catch Alicia “on the hot”, but when they arrived, everything was quiet and calm. Alicia pretended that everything was fine, Mary and Daniel did the same – they just said they forgot something about work and left again. They filed a police report, but there was not enough to make a record. They needed proof! Without a video recording confirming Alicia’s violent behavior, it was impossible to charge her. Therefore, they did not go to work, but went to buy cameras.

The next morning everything was ready: the cameras were in the living room and the nursery. Mary and Daniel left the house, but less than 15 minutes later they called the police and hurried back. After watching the video in real time, the parents realized that everything was much worse than they expected. That day, Alicia completely lost her mind! Mary was angry because her child had been abused by someone she had once trusted…

“When I watched the video, she screamed at Ollie and demanded to shut up, sitting on top of him,” the mother later said with tears in her eyes. Parents and the police arrived home almost simultaneously. Alicia was arrested and charged with endangering a child, she appeared in court. She had to undergo a course of treatment with a psychotherapist to learn how to cope with her anger – otherwise she could face imprisonment.

And she was banned from working as a nanny. And Mary and Daniel were shocked by everything that happened for a long time… And they decided not to rely on strangers anymore when it comes to their baby. In the meantime, the best babysitter for their son was the cat Zarra! Maybe Zarra thinks that Ollie is her child, and not just her best friend? Whatever Zarra’s feelings for the little man, she helped Mary and Daniel find out the real essence of the nanny, while she tried to protect the baby as best she could.

Perhaps, if not for the cat’s strange behavior and her help in the role of a spy, Mary and Daniel would not have realized that Ollie was being treated like this. What are the consequences of the nanny’s actions for Ollie? He doesn’t seem to remember those terrible weeks. Now Ollie has grown up, he is ready for any adventure, and Zarra will always be there to help him on his journey through life – after all, she is the best nanny in the world.

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