A street performer does not receive money from anyone, then he goes to the dog and cries hugging her…

How often we are cruel and selfish, we perceive only our own problems. And often we do not think at all about those who need help. This story took place in Colombia, in the territory of the northern department of Atlantico. To be even more precise – in the city of Soledad. And the main character of this story is 24–year-old Anderson Hidalgo, a native of Venezuela, who came to Colombia in search of a better life.

The young man grabbed any job. As he said himself, he knows how to do a lot: he can be an assistant in the kitchen, knows how to cook delicious kokuda, knows how to paint houses, and he is also a rapper, singer and composer. But, despite such numerous talents, Anderson did not always have the opportunity to earn even for food. This time the young man chose El Percal Street as his place of work. When all the traffic stopped at a red light, Anderson went out on the road with his hand outstretched and began to sing.

But none of the drivers waiting for the traffic light change gave him money. When the traffic resumed, the guy, having received nothing, went to the sidewalk, away from the crowded avenue. It turns out that the young man was not alone – a small white dog named Maite was waiting for him on the sidewalk. Only when she saw Anderson approaching, Maite happily wagged her tail. The street singer bent down and hugged his dog, and then, in a fit of despair, as if seeking support from his four-legged friend, he began to cry.

Someone standing nearby recorded this touching scene on video, and then posted the video on Instagram. A video in which a disconsolate young man cries and hugs his dog, and the dog shows his affection for him in every way, shocked thousands of people on the Internet. Many subscribers left excited comments under the video. “People, we need to show more empathy and be more humane.

Anyone who hugs an animal like that shows the kindness of their heart and the beauty of their soul!” wrote one of the users. Another wrote: “We don’t realize that there are people who find it difficult to get a plate of food or a place to stay overnight. It really hurts to see the lack of opportunity. And judging and criticizing is always easy. We often pass by such people without sharing with them even a hundredth part of what we have.

Every situation we see or experience is another lesson for each of us. Now it was a lesson that you need to learn how to share with those who really have nothing.” Many people who watched the video on Instagram not only wrote comments, but also found the guy and helped Anderson with money, clothes and food for his pet. The young man sincerely thanked all these people for their help, and also said that most of all he needed a job.

Let’s hope that thanks to the popular video, Anderson will have the opportunity to arrange his life. Indifference is a real scourge of modern society. Humanity is becoming more and more indifferent and insensitive. Today, many people have health and work, but who can know how long they will be?

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