The couple is crushed in a mangled SUV. But suddenly the woman notices a smiling man at the window..

In life, sometimes there are stories that can be called a miracle and nothing else. Here is one of such wonderful stories. Hunter was sitting at the wheel of his SUV, and his girlfriend Arika was sitting next to him in the passenger seat. The car was racing at a speed of 120 km/h, everything seemed to be fine. But suddenly a formidable car drove off the road and crashed into a pole, turning into a huge pile of scrap metal.

When the car left the road, Hunter had only a few seconds to react and their fate depended on his reaction. “A few seconds before the impact, I was sure that we were heading for certain death. The blow was supposed to cut our bodies in half, but it didn’t happen. God has protected us, so we have not finished our mission yet and are needed here,” Arika wrote on her Facebook page. But that’s not all the miracles that happened that day.

Arika survived, she even managed to open her eyes and saw that Hunter was lying motionless, his head had broken through the windshield and his whole face was covered in blood. Pinned down by the mangled wreckage of the car and completely helpless, Arika panicked and started screaming. She hoped that at least someone would hear and come to their aid. And then the girl looked out the window and couldn’t believe what she saw.

“There was a man standing next to the car – blond, with a long white beard. He looked at me and smiled calmly. There were no other cars in sight–only this man. He told me that an ambulance would arrive soon,” Arika recalled. The girl did not take her eyes off the smiling man, and at this time she felt that she herself was protected from further injuries and Hunter was safe next to her. And then the stranger just left and when Arika blinked, a flashlight suddenly shone in her face.

It was the medics who arrived. And they witnessed another miracle: Arika and Hunter had no fractures, concussions, internal injuries – they had to put only a few stitches on the girl’s knee and on the guy’s face. On Facebook , Arika wrote: “The doctors were surprised that in such an accident we did not die instantly. After all, the SUV looks like it drove through a tree shredder.” But even this is not the end of all the miracles.

When Arnica and Hunter arrived at the scene of the accident after being discharged from the hospital, they found something amazing there. It was Hunter’s Bible. “The Bible was opened on a page with a marked passage from the Scriptures, which says that we do not need to be afraid, because Jesus is with us,” the girl said. “I am amazed and tremble before the presence of God in this whole situation. Every stage of this story that we’ve been through points directly to Him. I am so grateful to God for sending me an angel!

And I am very grateful that Hunter stayed alive and got a second chance,” Arika wrote. Arika ended her story with a prayer for all those who read her incredible story. Without a doubt, it’s a miracle that we survived – but at the same time, it’s just God’s plan for us,” the girl wrote. Of course, it is good that the young people were unharmed and, in fact, unharmed.

But, unfortunately, not all road accidents end well. Therefore, I would like to say: do not tempt fate and hope for a miracle, you need to follow the basic rules of the road and monitor the speed limit. As the old proverb says, “God protects the safe.”

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