The guy got a tattoo in honor of the girl, but she went to another. Then he changed the drawing beyond recognition

Tattooing is a pretty serious step. At least that’s how it should be. If you are going to take such a step, it is advisable to think carefully about whether you want to live with the chosen pattern for the rest of your life. The website of a well-known entertainment publication in Vietnam recently published the story of a teenager who got himself a tattoo with the name of his beloved girl and got into a rather awkward situation because of this.

When the girl left for another, the guy had to change the drawing. The authors of the article did not disclose the name of the young man, and I will tell you the details of what happened today. The guy was dating a girl and was very in love with her. He was firmly convinced that these feelings would last forever and that he would spend his whole life with his girlfriend. This is how he talked about his relationship: “We loved each other very much.

I really wanted our feelings, our meetings to last forever.” Intoxicated by such strong feelings, the teenager decided to make a tattoo in honor of his girlfriend. It is not known for sure whether the tattoo artist in the tattoo parlor helped to come up with this tattoo, or the young man came up with it himself, but the following appeared on his chest: the words “my beloved princess”, under them the girl’s name is Truong Min Hu, and under the name is 29.06.2005, this is the date of birth of her beloved.

The girl’s name was surrounded by two small pink hearts. Probably, the tattoo artist tried very hard, stuffing all this on the guy’s chest – the drawing had a very neat look. But, despite all the teenager’s confidence that love will last forever, a romantic story did not work out. It all ended with the fact that after a couple of years, the young people broke up, and not just broke up – the girl went to another!

It’s hard to even imagine how a young man in love survived this separation! “After the breakup, I was unbearably hurt and sad. To be honest, it still hurts me a lot right now,” he admitted. A few days passed in terrible experiences, and then the guy remembered about the tattoo. How could he, after all that had happened, after such treason, leave this tattoo? Of course not! He decided to get rid of her at all costs, and at the same time bury his feelings.

But how to remove the drawing from the chest? Fix it – close it with another drawing! That’s exactly what the deceived lover decided to do. The guy went to a tattoo parlor, where they blocked his old tattoo with a new pattern. What did the master fill in the old image? The coffin! So, right on his body, the young man decided to bury his feelings for his ex-girlfriend. The guy voiced his thoughts on this: “I really hope that the new tattoo will help me forget my ex-girlfriend as soon as possible. And I hope that by this act I have already taken a decisive step into my new life.”

Yes, the situation turned out to be quite unpleasant. Although, it is not an isolated one. Very often, people who have thoughtlessly stuffed tattoos on their body correct them with a different pattern. But back to the main character of our story. I must say that the young man has a sense of humor, although black humor. And, in my opinion, seeing such tattoos, on the contrary, he will more often remember his unsuccessful love story.

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